Thursday, September 28, 2017


I just have to say how much I'm enjoying this feature. I've always loved cookbooks, so this is so much fun for me! I hope it is for you too.

Now, for one of the most entertaining 
cookbooks I've ever read. 

Passive-Aggressive Desserts for
Your Exes and Enemies
by Heather Kim

50+ killer cakes, cookies, and candies for your exes and enemies. Dumped by your beefcake boyfriend? BFF steal your one-and-only? Lab partner a more-than-periodic no-show?  Don’t take these battles online. (Seriously, don’t do that, okay?). Get out your heaviest rolling pins, sharpest cleavers, and most blistering torches, and kill your enemies and exes . . . with kindness. That’s right – bake that loser ex a pan of Go Fudge Yourself. Gift your former friend a You’re the Devil Cake. And give that annoying admirer a Donut Call Me Again. Let them taste your over-them happiness and see what comes next . . . Pastry chef and tattoo artist Heather Kim serves up sinfully delicious recipes and bittersweet advice.


Such a fun, creative, angry cookbook! Author Heather Kim had me laughing, licking my lips over the yummy recipes, and honestly, just a little bit scared. ;-)

SWEET REVENGE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE DESSERTS FOR YOUR EXES AND ENEMIES. Quite the title. How could I pass it up? I couldn’t! From the title, to the cover, to the description, I knew this was not going to be my average recipe book. Any it wasn’t.

Despite the title, author Kim has created a way to safely blow off steam by creating mouthwatering, amazing desserts with names that allow you to get the hurt out of your heart, and kindness into your soul. Super fun chapters like . . . Go Ahead and Bite-Me Sized Treats, and I Never Kneaded You Anyway, you can get an idea of the recipes titles. A few are . . . You’re a Total Monster, Kiss My Molasses, I Cannoli Be Happy When You’re Dead, Stop Texting Me You Crepe, You’re a Piece of Sheet Cake, Suck it Up and Grow a Pear, Donut Call Me Again, I Ain’t Pudding Up With You, and so many more, you’ll have no problem finding a recipe to fit your mood, to give to that not so special someone in your life.

Along with the cleverly titled recipes, you’ll find pages full of colorful photos, fun illustrations, great tips, sugar profiles (who knew there were so many types?), nut identification, and more, SWEET REVENGE is as informative as it is fun.

I had a really great time with this one of a kind cookbook. You can tell the author has a great sense of humor. And I love that the sting of betrayal can start your healing by making wonderful desserts that taste good, and make you laugh.

If you know someone who has been burned by a significant other, or friend, treat them to this funny and vengeful cookbook. Have a SWEET REVENGE sweets party. By the time you’re done baking, laughing, and eating, you’ll forget all about the jerks in your life!


Heather Kim is Korean-American, born and raised in Chicago. She is a pastry chef, tattoo artist, and painter, and considers Hola Arepa Restaurant and MPLS Tattoo Shop her homes. You can find her in Minneapolis, happily chasing her husband, Scott, & her schnauzers, Maximus & Nietzsche, around the couch.

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January 1, 2018

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  1. Oh my, Lisa! It does sound like fun. Happy Thursday.

  2. Oh my goodness...this sounds like a super entertaining, clever read with yummy desserts!!! It reminds me of Laura Bradford's Emergency Dessert Squad series with all the fun titles :) Thanks for the review!