Thursday, September 14, 2017


I've been looking for a cookbook just like this one. I know there are many out there, but this one had just what I was looking for. 

100 Must-Have Slow-Cooker Recipes
200 Variations for Every Appetite
by Phyllis Good

The ultimate resource for a new generation of slow-cooker fans from the New York Timesbestselling author who has sold 12 million cookbooks!

Stock the Crock brings together the expertise of America's most popular slow-cooker authority with a fresh collection of 100 essential, innovative, and easy-to-prepare recipes-each with variations allowing readers to customize the dish according to their dietary needs. You'll find beloved classics, as well as dishes you might be surprised can be done successfully in a slow cooker. (Hello, slow-cooker creme brulee!) Whether you are looking to accommodate gluten-free, paleo, or vegetarian diets, or prefer slow-cooker meals perfectly sized for one or two people, this cookbook provides smart ideas, more than 100 recipe photos, and cooking hacks that will change the way you use your favorite fuss-free cooking appliance. Learn simple make-ahead tricks, convenient baking tips, and how to make two recipes at once using the same cooker, so you can simplify cooking and spend more time enjoying your family and friends around a wonderful, delicious meal.


I’ve been wanting to learn to make new dishes in my slower cooker for some time now. I make a pot roast with potatoes, baby carrots, and onions that is amazing (if I do say so myself). Other than that, my slow cooker sits empty. I think author Phyllis Good has changed that for me!

In the beginning of, STOCK THE CROCK, author Good gives readers/cooks a personal introduction that is lovely. I enjoyed getting to know about her, to get the feel of the writer behind the book.

After the introduction the author shares the symbols she uses to help readers find and make such variations as Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo-Free, and more. Tips on note taking that I absolutely loved (if you pass your book on, or leave it to the next generation, you will see why. Then on to Slow Cooker Fundamentals, wonderful tips and tricks, like baking in your slow cooker, and more!

This book is filled with mouthwatering colored photos of just about every recipe listed, making them so very real to the reader that the smells practically emanate from the pages.  

Finally the recipes. There are some amazing dishes between the covers of STOCK THE CROCK. I will most certainly be trying some myself. Soups & stews, vegetarian, pasta, poultry, seafood, desserts! You name it, and you’ll find it. Just a few of the great dishes you’ll find are . . . Beef and Barley Stew, Creole-Style Red Beans, Veggie P0t Pie with Biscuits, Chiles, 4-Cheese Artichoke Dip---or Pasta Sauce, Honey Baked Chicken, Peppery Turkey Tenderloins with Apples, Shepard’s Pie, Holiday Ham with Apricot Glaze, Eggs and Shrimp, Baked Corn, Scalloped Potatoes, Peach & Berry Cobbler, Cream Cheese Pound Cake, and your own homemade Yogurt.

STOCK THE CROCK was everything I hoped for and more. I was really surprised with the diversity of choices. If you’re looking to make more use of your slow cooker, this is the cookbook for you.

I really am excited to try some of the dishes in this book. My stomach was growling the whole time I was reading it!

is available now!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. I'd like to use my slow-cooker more, especially during fall and winter months. Happy Thursday and happy (slow) cooking!

  2. Same here, Pat. In the summer the oven makes the house too hot. In the winter, a slow cooker meal just seems so, well, cozy. Happy slow cooking to you too!

  3. Thanks for sharing your post Lisa. Sounds like a good cookbook. I love my crockpot.

  4. Oh the crockpot is really my choice for making anything. Basically because I am lazy and also because everything just tastes to good in it. I too have a wonderful roast beef recipe (if I say so myself, lol) and can make a few chicken dishes and eve meatloaf. I want to find more things I can make in it though. Thanks to your review maybe this book will be an answer to that. Thanks as always