Monday, September 18, 2017

Welcome to week 3 of the
with Bloggers Mary Brown, Karen M. Owen, Karen Kenyon, Sheryl Hagan-Booth and yours truly!


My Fall cozy mystery pick for this week is
 by Livia J. Washburn

At this year's school carnival fund-raiser, the obnoxious president of the Parent Teacher Organization is found stabbed through the heart with Phyllis Newsom's own knife, with traces of incriminating frosting. Clearing her name will be no piece of cake...

What's better than a cozy mystery with baked goods? A cozy mystery with baked goods that takes place in Fall!

MURDER BY THE SLICE takes place during autumn in Weatherford, Texas. During the school carnival , series lead Phyllis Newsom is a suspect when a victim is found with her through his heart!

This second book in the Fresh-Baked Mysteries, is filled deliciously with murder, mayhem, and frosting, all set in the warm Fall background of Texas. And things keep getting hotter as Phyllis tries to find the real killer and clear her name! 

That's my pick for this weeks Fall title! Make sure to check out MURDER BY THE SLICE, and the entire Fresh-Baked Mystery series!


My Amigos Mary, Karen & Karen, and Sheryl  want to share their fall picks for this week with you
Please head over to their blogs and check them out!

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  1. Sounds really good. I know have another series to catch up on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Cheers to autumn! Hope you have a great day, too.

  3. Another great choice and one I have not read!

  4. I definitely need to read that one!!

  5. Yay I have this one as well! One more of the amigos to check on, Miss Sheryl's pick :)