Saturday, April 1, 2017

Book 10 in the Ellie Avery Mysteries
by Sara Rosett

With summer approaching, Ellie Avery’s schedule is ruled by attending end-of-the-year events at her kids’ school—and avoiding run-ins with her arch competitor. When a murder disrupts the core curriculum, can the two women form an alliance to teach the killer a lesson in justice?

As a regular volunteer at North Dawkins Elementary, Ellie would never miss the annual Mother's Day breakfast—even if she has to tolerate the likes of Gabrielle Matheson. The rivals aren't exactly sworn enemies, although Ellie still thinks there's only room for one professional organizer in their small Georgia town.

But when Ellie sees Gabrielle in the hallway, she’s a mess. It looks like Gabrielle’s seen a ghost—or, as she explains, a dead body inside the supply closet. Before Ellie can get help the body vanishes . . . only to mysteriously reappear later at the school.

Little is known about the victim, a secretive snoop with a nosy nature and a penchant for keeping quiet about her own past. Ellie will leave no desk unturned to protect her kids and expose the cunning criminal’s identity. Because if she doesn’t, the killer may chalk up another textbook case of murder . . .

Don’t miss Ellie Avery’s great tips for PTA moms!


Book ten is a win for author Sara Rosett, and her Ellie Avery Mysteries!

MOTHER’S DAY, MUFFINS, AND MURDER starts off at a run with humor, excitement, and mystery. I was well into chapter two before I even realized I had finished chapter one!

Series namesake, Ellie Avery is so much fun to read. Author Rosett knows just how far to take Ellie’s sarcasm without going over the top. I for sure could see myself hanging out with Ellie and having a grand time!

I really enjoyed that many of the chapters ended with, Organizing Tips for PTA Moms. My only child is a Chiweenie named Emmy, but I found Rosett’s tips to be great ideas. I think it’s great when authors add such fun and interesting information along with they’re story.

Goodness, I haven’t even mentioned the mystery. It was fabulous! There was so much going on in MOTHER’S DAY, MUFFINS, AND MURDER. From the discovery of the body, to the disappearance of said body, to re-discovery of the body, I was breathless before I was an eighth of the way through the book. And all of that was just the beginning of the rollercoaster ride this story turned out to be!

It’s very clear how Sara Rosett has made it to ten books in this series. If she keeps writing like this, book 20 is a guarantee!

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