Monday, April 3, 2017

Book 3 in the Deep Fried Mysteries
by Linda Reilly

A cooking contest becomes a fry to the finish in the new Deep Fried Mystery from the author of Out of the Dying Pan.

Fry another day.
The town of Wrensdale is abuzz with excitement when Steeltop Foods sponsors a cooking contest to promote its new product, the Flavor Dial. With a $25,000 prize at stake, all the contestants are on edge, including Talia Marby, owner of Fry Me A Sliver. She hopes her mini deep-fried apple pies will win her the money to pay off the renovations on her restaurant. But when Norma Ferguson wins with her flaky-top chicken stew, the tensions dial up even more.
After Norma is found dead at her cooking station, the police suspect a losing contestant got a little too hot under the collar. Now it’s crunch time as Talia works to catch the killer and clear her name before another cook gets burned.


Stop fishing around for a new book to read. A FRYING SHAME will be your catch of the day . . . week . . . month . . . year!

I have been in love with the Deep Fried Mysteries from page one of book one, FILLET OF MURDER! I knew this series was going to be an all-time favorite of mine, and it is! Each book is better than the one before, which is something I would have thought impossible. However, with author Linda Reilly penning the stories, I should have known nothing is impossible.

Protagonist, Talia Marby is the perfect amateur sleuth. She entices my inner Nancy Drew to want to come out and play. I really enjoy everything about her. The way Talia interacts with her friends, and customers, the way she handles the situations that arise . . . she’s someone I would like to hang out with.    

One of the great things about this series are the recipes included. When you read about all the wonderful fried food, you become so hungry! And then there they are, the recipes, just waiting to give you a taste of what you’ve been drooling for the whole time you were reading. J

A FRYING SHAME is one of the cleverest mysteries I’ve read this year. Already a fast paced read, once the discovery of the body made, this story flew across the pages making it impossible to put down. Ms. Reilly threw out so many wonderful clues, as well as some sneaky misleads. I was so close to guessing the killer, only to find myself totally wrong. The reveal was simply fabulous.

You can’t go wrong with A FRYING SHAME. It has everything that makes a cozy mystery so incredible to read.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm looking forward to reading A Frying Shame. Happy Monday, to you.

  2. Great review! Linda Reilly is such a fantastic author. I'm looking forward to reading "A Frying Shame."

  3. It's always fun to find a new series! Your review makes me want to start reading this series just so I can get to the 3rd book :)

  4. Awesome review!!! Love ❤️ this series and can't wait to read this new installment.

  5. I love this series too. Heard it's ending. I sure hope not.

  6. Thanks for sharing your review with us. I have to catch up on this series.

  7. Thank you for the review. Love your play on words. :)

  8. Great review, Lisa. I would love to read A Frying Shame as I live Linda's books so I know this will be as equally as great. Thank you for the chance.
    Cynthia B

  9. Great review. I can't wait to read this book.