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Today The Cozy Times is featuring the 
Aspen Hills Post

Check out what's happening in
Aspen Hills, Colorado!

Upcoming Local Events…

Little Ski Hill to open early due to early snow pack

Kevin Shields, local business owner and real estate mogul, shared some good news with this reporter when she found him dining at The Cafeteria. Of course, he wasn’t dining alone. His dinner companion, the lovely Shauna Clodah, happens to be a business owner herself. She and hometown girl, Cat Latimer, have opened up a boutique bed and breakfast called Warm Springs Writer’s Retreat. Only open one week a month, this new business has brought in writers from around the country, trying to pen the great American novel.

Anyway, before the salad course was served, Kevin told me that the ski hill should be able to open before Thanksgiving, which is two weeks earlier than last year. Have you bought your ski pass yet? Local’s get a discount if you purchase before the slopes open.

See you at the lodge!


Covington Library to hold an open house highlighting their most famous collection, the Hemingway papers

Hey literary geeks, this call out is for you. Miss Applebome, head librarian for the Covington Library has announced she has started making plans for a week long open house highlighting the life and times of Hemingway as well as curated pieces from his personal papers which are stored at the library. Talks, discussion groups, and even a showing of film versions of several books he penned during his lifetime will highlight the week which will coincide with Family Week.  Make sure you get your tickets early since the event is sure to be a sellout.


Cat Latimer to sign her newest book at The Written Word on Saturday

Speaking of our local author, she’s doing a signing over at The Written Word from 1-3pm on Saturday.

Cheer Charm Team – A Paranormal High story will release on Monday. Tori’s hell bent on trying out for the cheerleading squad, even though they do more spell casting than cartwheels. For once, she wants her looks and physical attributes to help her get something she wants. But when a practice goes wrong, can Tori find the reversal spell in time? Or will she need to craft her own knowing her spells have a habit of going astray?

Tammy Jones, bookstore owner, states she has plenty of copies, but if you can’t make the signing, you can still get a signed copy by calling the shop before Friday. All phone orders must be accompanied with a credit card.

There sure is plenty to keep you busy in Aspen Hills!
I may have to start planning a trip. 


To learn more about the cozy town of Aspen Hills, read the 
Cat Latimer Mysteries
Lynn Cohan!


February 28!

Pre-order your copy today!

Cat Latimer’s Colorado bed-and-breakfast plays host to writers from all over. But murder is distinctly unwelcome . . .

To kick off a winter writing retreat, Cat and her handyman boyfriend, Seth, escort the aspiring authors to a nearby ski resort, hoping some fresh cold air will wake up their creative muses. But instead of hitting the slopes, they hit the bar—and before long, a tipsy romance novelist named Christina is keeping herself warm with a local ski bum who might have neglected to tell her about his upcoming wedding.

Next thing Cat knows, her uncle, the town sheriff, informs her that the young man’s been found dead in a hot tub—and Christina shows up crying and covered in blood. Now, between a murder mystery, the theft of a rare Hemingway edition, and the arrival of a black-clad stranger in snowy Aspen Hills, Cat’s afraid everything’s going downhill . . .

Excerpt –

The world outside still clung to the previous night, the shadows not quite releasing their hold to the breaking light over the mountain ridge outside Aspen Hills, Colorado. With the first rays of morning, the fresh snow glistened and covered the lawn all around 700 Warm Springs.

Cat Latimer, owner of the Warm Springs Writer’s Retreat, housed in the old Victorian, sat at the kitchen table drinking a mix of hot chocolate and coffee. With a dab of freshly whipped cream, Cat thought Shauna’s winter concoction was just about the most perfect drink ever invented. Her friend, Shauna Mary Clodah, had taken over the role of cook, planner, and manager for the writing retreats. Shauna was a petite, pretty, Irish redhead that cooked like an angel. The small group sitting around the table was drinking the “virgin” version of her mixture. Later, the retreat guests would have the option of adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream or KahlΓΊa to their cups, an invitation to the muse.

Right now, her guests were tucked in their beds, sleeping. Which was where she wanted to be instead of sitting here in the kitchen. But then she took in the smell of coffee and chocolate mixed together and she sighed in delight.

“I can’t believe you’re taking the group up the mountain. I thought this was supposed to be about writing. They aren’t going to get many words written by spending the day skiing.” Uncle Pete had become a regular at the breakfast table, both when the retreat was in session and when it was just Cat and Shauna milling around the empty house. Her uncle was Aspen Hills’ police chief and Cat’s closest relative.

“It’s part of the Colorado experience.” Cat explained, thinking about her own manuscript sitting on her computer waiting for her to make time to write. The phrase making time to write was a joke. She either wrote or didn’t, and today her word-count chart would show a big fat zero, unless she had the mental energy when they returned from skiing. During the first retreat, she’d managed to get a few pages written—before one of her guests wound up dead in his room. This retreat she’d promised herself that she’d focus on her own work, even when they had guests. Shauna was in charge of the day-to-day activities when the retreat was in session. Cat’s job was to be the resident writer and set a good example as a professional writer. A job that sometimes was harder than other days, especially if she got drawn into a Facebook rotating loop of cute kittens or the occasional photos of hot guys—or worse, one simple question that grew into a research project on the entire history of the Salem Witch trials.

Today was about building relationships and having experiences. Writers needed both.

New to the series? 
Check out book one

Former English professor Cat Latimer is back in Colorado, hosting writers’ retreats in the big blue Victorian she’s inherited, much to her surprise, from none other than her carousing ex-husband! Now it’s an authors’ getaway—but Cat won’t let anyone get away with murder…
The bed-and-breakfast is open for business, and bestselling author Tom Cook is among its first guests. Cat doesn’t know why he came all the way from New York, but she’s glad to have him among the quirkier—and far less famous—attendees.

Cat’s high school sweetheart Seth, who’s fixing up the weathered home, brings on mixed emotions for Cat…some of them a little overpowering. But it’s her uncle, the local police chief, whom she’ll call for help when there’s a surprise ending for Tom Cook in his cozy guest room. Will a killer have the last word on the new life Cat has barely begun?

About Lynn Cahoon

Lynn Cahoon is the author of the NYT and USA Today best-selling Tourist Trap cozy mystery series. GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER, book 1 of the series, won the Reader's Crown for Mystery Fiction in 2015. She's also pens the Cat Latimer series. A STORY TO KILL, and FATALITY IN FIRELIGHT are available in mass market paperback. She lives in a small town like the ones she loves to write about with her husband and two fur babies. Sign up for her newsletter at

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