Thursday, February 9, 2017

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The Aloha Sun

Murder in Kauai, Hawaii!

Check out this article from the Sun for more information.

Killer Goes Loco at Cafe

Submitted by Staff Reporter Catherine Bruns

Today’s weather prediction for the island is sunny with gentle ocean breezes, and an expected high of around 75 degrees. Temperatures inside the Loco Moco Café, where the body of owner Hale Akamu was found stabbed to death last night, are expected to be much hotter, though.

Akamu was discovered by his newest waitress, a Vermont import named Carrie Jorgenson. Miss Jorgenson was reached by phone last night for comment. She was unable to provide any useful details and instead, kept rambling about pineapple and knives and mai tais...Oh my!

Sadly, this is not the only recent casualty to occur at the elegant Aloha Lagoon Resort, where the café is located. The resort itself has developed quite the reputation as of late, and not for their luxurious suites. Homicides are happening at a faster rate than volcanic eruptions.

Our latest dish confirms that pineapple played a part in Akamu’s murder. Hey, that’s tropical paradise for you. The residents of Kauai can always be counted on to give us the, dirt in these situations.

Poncho Suarez, the talented and saucy chef of Loco Moco, was interviewed on his way to the restaurant this morning. "It is not a question of who wanted Hale dead," Poncho said. “But was there really anyone that wanted to see him live?"

There you have it, folks. Until we have further information, please feel free to enjoy the enclosed coupon for a discount on an upcoming dinner at Loco Moco! Choose from their succulent pork sliders, Poncho's famous pineapple salsa, or the deceased’s own creation, Hale's Hamburger Platter, complete with a side of mango. The café features karaoke on Saturday nights and you never know when a singing waitress might shatter your drink glass!

Mahalo for reading!

The Cozy Times would like to thank 
Staff Reporter Catherine Bruns
for bringing us the news out of Kauai.
We also thank her invitation to dine 
at the Loco Moco.
In light of the recent news, I'm sure she'll understand that we'll have to pass.


To learn more about the Loco Moco Café read
Catherine Bruns.

From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns, comes an Aloha Lagoon Mystery that proves sometimes paradise isn't all it's served up to be. 

New to both Hawaii and the Aloha Lagoon Resort, Carrie Jorgenson has big dreams of stardom. But while she awaits fame and fortune, she's forced to accept a job waitressing at the resort's The Loco Moco Café. It isn't long before she discovers the dish on her new boss—also known to many as "The Big Kahuna." Hale Akamu is rich, handsome, repulsive...and dead. When Carrie discovers Hale's lifeless body, she's suddenly forced into yet another role—amateur sleuth. With everyone from Carrie to the saucy chef to the café's hot assistant manager under suspicion, Carrie needs to track a killer before she becomes his next main entrée! 

**Recipes included!** 

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