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Cozy Food Friday
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That means it's time to share a recipe from 
another great cozy mystery or cozy mystery author!

Today I'm featuring 
Book 2 in the Cat Latimer Mysteries
by Lynn Cahoon

Cat Latimer’s Colorado bed-and-breakfast plays host to writers from all over. But murder is distinctly unwelcome . . .

To kick off a winter writing retreat, Cat and her handyman boyfriend, Seth, escort the aspiring authors to a nearby ski resort, hoping some fresh cold air will wake up their creative muses. But instead of hitting the slopes, they hit the bar—and before long, a tipsy romance novelist named Christina is keeping herself warm with a local ski bum who might have neglected to tell her about his upcoming wedding.

Next thing Cat knows, her uncle, the town sheriff, informs her that the young man’s been found dead in a hot tub—and Christina shows up crying and covered in blood. Now, between a murder mystery, the theft of a rare Hemingway edition, and the arrival of a black-clad stranger in snowy Aspen Hills, Cat’s afraid everything’s going downhill . . .

February 28!
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About Lynn

Lynn Cahoon is the author of the NYT and USA Today best-selling Tourist Trap cozy mystery series. GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER, book 1 of the series, won the Reader's Crown for Mystery Fiction in 2015. She's also pens the Cat Latimer series. A STORY TO KILL, and FATALITY IN FIRELIGHT are available in mass market paperback. She lives in a small town like the ones she loves to write about with her husband and two fur babies. Sign up for her newsletter at



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On to the recipe!

Photo courtesy of Google Images (c) Betty Crocker

From Lynn: I adjusted the original recipe to use my go to peanut butter cookie recipe rather than a mix.


·         ½ cup butter (Softened)
·         ½ c peanut butter
·         ½ c sugar
·         ½ c brown sugar (light)

·         1 egg
·         ½ tsp vanilla

·         1 ¼ c flour
·         ¾ tsp soda
·         ¼ tsp salt

Plus -
·         ½ cup Hershey's™ Mini Kisses™ Brand milk chocolates
·         3 teaspoons white sparkling sugar
·         16 Hershey's™ Kisses™ Brand milk chocolates, unwrapped

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Cahoon


   Heat oven to 350°F. Spray bottom only of 9-inch square pan with cooking spray.

   In large bowl, mix butter, peanut butter, and the sugars until creamy.  Add egg and vanilla and stir. Then add all the dry ingredients together, then stir.

 Photo Courtesy of Lynn Cahoon

   Stir in Mini Kisses™.

   Press dough in bottom of pan. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of the sparkling sugar on top.

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Cahoon

   Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until golden. Immediately top with unwrapped Kisses™ in 4 rows by 4 rows. 

   Sprinkle with remaining 1 teaspoon sparkling sugar. Cool completely on cooling rack, about 1 hour. 

   Cut into 4 rows by 4 rows with one of the Kisses™ in center of each bar. 

   Store in airtight container.

Photo courtesy of Google Images (c) Betty Crocker

Oh. My. Goodness.

Can't you just smell these baking?

I want to be eating them right now!


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