Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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I think it's time to see what some of our authors are up to, don't you? The Cozy Times has sources everywhere, and here's what they found this week!
(All accounts listed below are fictional and just for fun)

Author News

Author Kate Dyer-Seeley has traded Portland for Ashland! Not to worry Portlanders, she'll be back. Ms. Dyer-Seeley, author of the wonderful Pacific Northwest Mysteries, was spotted in Torte, Ashland's place to be for the most delicious  pastries and coffee in Oregon! "She's in town for the season's kick off of the Oregon Shakepeare Festival", Juliet Capshaw, co-owner of Torte explained to The Cozy Times. When ask what the author had to eat at her bakery, Ms. Capshaw said, "She had a plum tart with powdered sugar, and a cup of our fresh ground  coffee with a vanilla espresso shot." 

Later that evening, Ms. Dyer-Seeley was again spotted. This time, she was three rows back for that night's performance of Romeo and Juliet. "She gave us a standing ovation, and came backstage to congratulate all of us", squealed an excited actress who played a minor role in the play. "Even those of us who didn't have speaking parts!" 


Is there nowhere author Sherry Harris won't travel for a good yard sale? Our guess is no.  The author showed up in Ellington, Massachusetts for what seemed to be a town wide yard sale. (The Cozy Times is sure the author was also doing research for her newest mystery.) Everywhere you looked, folks had their front yards packed with trash and treasures. Mrs. Wilma Deaver said Ms. Harris stopped by her house where the author purchased, a couple old postcards, a macrame infinity calendar, an old rusty meat cleaver, and a bag of Legos. "She was a real nice lady, but she did get in a scuffle with a blonde lady over the meat cleaver. She kept shouting 'I saw it first, Ellie!'. They finally flipped a coin, and the other lady lost. But she did buy my old bent ice pick!"  


The Cozy Times goes international for our next sighting. We received word all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland, that author Paige Shelton had been doing some pretty in-depth research for her current WIP. (That's "work in progress" in author speak.) It seems the author was spotted everywhere. The local bookshop, the pub, several historic sites, another pub, the library, back at the first pub, and even out on the a kilt...with bagpipes. Locals swear they could hear her shouting, "Nessie! Here girl!" In all fairness to Ms. Shelton, many of the aforementioned locals, had themselves also been to several pubs that evening, so The Cozy Times refuses to call the "moor incident" anything but a rumor. Either way, we're sure the author had a great time in Scotland, but we hope she is now back in the US and working hard on that new book! 


Remember to keep your eyes peeled dear readers. You never know when one of your favorite authors may be visiting your hometown.


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