Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Cozy Mystery Anthology 
by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross

With the fireplace crackling, the tree twinkling, and the carols humming, few things in life are as picture perfect as Christmas in Maine—until murder dampens the holiday spirit. It must be something in the eggnog . . .
When a gift-wrapped bottle of eggnog—allegedly from the Real Beard Santa Club—proves to be a killer concoction for a Tinker’s Cove local, all Lucy Stone wants for Christmas is to find the murdering mixologist who’s stirring up trouble.
Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell has never cared much for Bar Harbor’s grouchy town librarian, Agatha Farnsworth. But after the Scroogy senior has a fatal—and suspicious—allergic reaction to supposedly non-dairy eggnog, it’s up to Hayley to ladle out some justice.
Julia Snowden’s tenant Imogen Geinkes seems to be jinxed. First, her poorly named “Killer Eggnog” gives all her co-workers food poisoning at the holiday party, then her boyfriend’s body shows up in Julia’s moving truck as she’s headed back to Busman’s Harbor. Now Julia has to get moving to catch the cold-hearted culprit. 
Cozy up with a glass of eggnog and enjoy the spirit of murder and mystery in a Yuletide treat perfect for those winter holidays . . .


Anthology by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross

This eggnog themed anthology is a cozy mystery fan’s holiday delight!

By Leslie Meier
Based on the Lucy Stone Mysteries

A fast, fun Christmas mystery treat!

Author Leslie Meier takes readers back to Tinker’s Cove, and into another investigation with her series lead, Lucy Stone. Lucy gets on the case after a local is killed from drinking eggnog.

This short story, EGGNOG MURDER, manages to pack everything readers like about the Lucy Stone Mysteries into a tale half the size of a full book. Mystery and mayhem abound, even as the holiday spirit fills the pages.

EGGNOG MURDER was a great opening read in this set of three stories.

By Lee Hollis
Based on the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mysteries

I’ve heard good things come in small packages. In this particular case…Great things!

I’m a huge fan of the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries. Not to go all Kathy Bates Misery or anything, but there is a chance I am this series biggest fan! So, when I got my hands on the EGGNOG MURDER anthology by authors Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross, of course I had to read DEATH BY EGGNOG by Lee Hollis first!

With DEATH BY EGGNOG being half the length (or less) than a whole book in this series, Lee Hollis still pens a cohesive tale from beginning to end with the same brilliance as a full length book. The story moved at a fast pace, but was in no way rushed, and still had all the mystery, hilarity, and intelligence that I have come to know and look forward to with each and every Hayley Powell book.

I was stumped as to who the killer was. The ending took me completely by surprise. I read the reveal with on the edge of my seat, opened mouth, and muttering Nah-uh over and over. Well done!

DEATH BY EGGNOG is a true tasty delight!

By Barbara Ross
Based on the Maine Clambake Mysteries

Author Barbara Ross lets it Snowden in this nogged up Maine Clambake short.

If you follow the Maine Clambake Mysteries, you are going to love this mini addition to the series. New readers? Well, you’re going to want to get the rest of the series after your read this sampling.

Like her fellow authors in the first two tales of this anthology, Barbara Ross did a wonderful job of condensing a full sized mystery into a pint sized format. Nothing about NOGGED OFF felt rushed. Helping protagonist Julia Snowden try to discover whodunit, was just as fun and mysterious as ever!

There is nothing off about NOGGED OFF.

is available now in hardcover!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! Happy Thursday, to you.

  2. Thanks for your enticing review, Lisa! I've enjoyed Leslie Meier's Lucy Stone series for years but have not read either of the other two authors. Eggnog Murder sounds like a wonderful introduction to their series. I believe I know how I'' going to spend one of my B&N 20% off coupons!