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Today The Cozy Times is featuring the 
Madrona Island News

Murder on Madrona? 
We have the scoop from 
Madrona Island, Washington!   

Check it out!

Heir To Millions Arrested After Body Found In Pool
By Cody West

Alex Turner, the heir to the Pottage millions, was arrested after house guest Daisy Farmer was found floating face down in his pool. There were ten individuals in attendance on the night in question although most of the guests had left by the time an anonymous 911 call was received by county dispatch. While Mr. Turner maintains his innocence, evidence gathered at the scene seems to point to him as the killer.

Local police are investigating the murder and are in the process of interviewing everyone who attended the party including island locals Mallery Quinnley and Dirk Nesbith.

“I’ve been sort of dating Alex’s friend Nick, although we aren’t exclusive,” reported Quinnley. “Nick called me and wanted me to come over. I was tired but I decided to stop by for a few minutes. I had one drink and left shortly after Alex went up to his room after complaining that he was tired and wanted to have an early night.”

“Alex is a great guy and we’ve had a lot of fun together but he didn’t seem to be into the party that night,” Nesbith, reported. “He headed upstairs early and I never did see him again. Alex had a thing for Daisy. It doesn’t make sense that he’d kill her.”

While Ryan Finnegan, the resident deputy for Madrona Island has been able to confirm that they are looking at other individuals with possible motives, he was not able to identify the names of those suspects. 


Let's all pitch together and search for Ariel. This little girl needs to get home. 


Thank you to Cody West for the informative news.
That's this week's edition of 
The Cozy Times 
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  1. Thanks, Lisa. The covers, on this series, are just purr-ecious! :)

  2. Wonderful article! Good job Kathi and Lisa. I love this series, as well as all of Kathi Daley's other delightful series too.

  3. Thanks, Lisa and Kathi. i definitely want to visit the island and spend some time with Cait and her friends. I love reading about all of her adventures.

  4. Great job Lisa!! Loved this edition of Cozy Times and the book post! Can't wait to read The Great Catsby!!