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HONEY BBQ MURDER by Patti Benning

Book 10 in the Darling Deli Mysteries
by Patti Benning

SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS is thrilled to present: 
Honey BBQ Murder - Book 10 in The Darling Deli Series!!! 

After making Darrin the manager of Darling’s DELIcious Delights, deli owner, Moira Darling, has been able to enjoy some much needed time off, which means more time to spend with Maverick, David, and Candice. All is well, until she receives a tearful call from the husband of the woman who owned Keeva - the missing dog that she found in the woods behind her house. Keeva’s owner has been murdered, and the husband doesn’t want to keep the dog. Though she is sad for the woman who died, Moira jumps at the chance to get Keeva, the Irish wolfhound, back and drives down to Kentucky to pick her up. Keeva falls ill shortly after she arrives in Maple Creek, and Moira fears for her own life when an intruder comes to call in this latest book of The Darling Deli Series.


I just finished my first book in the Darling Deli Mysteries, which is the tenth book in the series. All I can say is . . . I’ve been missing out!

Author Patti Benning has a wonderful, fluid style with her writing. Each paragraph and chapter melds effortlessly into the next making HONEY BBQ MURDER a fast read.

A great whodunit with interesting characters, HONEY BBQ MURDER is a tasty morsel that will make you hungry for more! It’s a good thing I have book eleven, BEEF BRISKET MURDER on hand to gobble up next!


Book 11 in the Darling Deli Mysteries
by Patti Benning

SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS is thrilled to present: 
Beef Brisket Murder - Book 11 in The Darling Deli Series!!! 

Moira discovers something rather disturbing in her basement while she’s cleaning it out. Intrigued, she begins her own investigation and enlists David to help her find out what could possibly have happened in the house before she bought it. When the trail leads to the retirement home in Lake Marion, she realizes that it might not be too late for a decades-old crime to be solved. Meanwhile, Candice hires her first employee at the candy shop, and Moira’s employees at the deli plan a surprise birthday party for her in this fast-paced 11th installment of the Darling Deli Series.


Another appetizing serving in the Darling Deli Mysteries!

BEEF BRISKET MURDER is the second book for me in this well written series, and I already feel like friend with the characters. They’re so easy to “get to know”. I think you’ll enjoy them as well.

This installment of the Darling Deli Mysteries is every bit as good as book ten, HONEY BBQ MURDER. It did not disappoint. Author Patti Benning’s plotting is on point, giving the reader just the right amount of twist, turns, and clues.

If you’re looking to devour a new series, this is the way to go! 

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, the book sound great.

  2. Thanks for more great review that have me adding to my TBR list!