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I'm excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author 
Mary Feliz
and her new book
Book 1 in the Maggie McDonald Mysteries

For professional organizer Maggie McDonald, moving her family into a new home should be the perfect organizational challenge. But murder was definitely not on the to-do list . . .

Maggie McDonald has a penchant for order that isn't confined to her clients' closets, kitchens, and sock drawers. As she lays out her plan to transfer her family to the hundred-year-old house her husband, Max, has inherited in the hills above Silicon Valley, she has every expectation for their new life to fall neatly into place. But as the family bounces up the driveway of their new home, she's shocked to discover the house's dilapidated condition. When her husband finds the caretaker face-down in their new basement, it's the detectives who end up moving in. What a mess! While the investigation unravels and the family camps out in a barn, a killer remains at large-exactly the sort of loose end Maggie can't help but clean up . . .

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ADDRESS TO DIE FOR is a good, strong start to the new mystery series that I hope to see last a very long time.

When moving into a new house, a dead body in the basement, or any room for that matter, doesn’t seem like a good omen. Lucky for us readers, it makes for a wonderful read. Not so lucky for series namesake, Maggie McDonald and her family. I really enjoyed getting to know Maggie and her sons. Sometimes children in a mystery can get in the way. I was happy to see that was not the case in ADDRESS TO DIE FOR. Maggie’s husband Max seems likeable, but I really didn’t get to form much of an opinion of him for reasons I can’t get into. There are some real “characters” in the townsfolk. It’s going to be fun to see them fleshed out in future books.  

Right off the bat, I enjoyed the tempo of author Mary Feliz’s writing. No wasted words or dragging scenes. Just a fast paced story both well written, and thought out. Each new twist had me reading faster to see what would happen next, propelling me toward the end. The reveal of the antagonist and the scene that followed, held a lot of tension. I have the nubby fingernails to prove it.

All in all, a great read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, SCHEDULED TO DEATH. You can find an excerpt of it at the back of ADDRESS TO DIE FOR.

is available today!

About the author

Mary Feliz has lived in five states and two countries but calls Silicon Valley home. Traveling to other areas of the United States, she’s frequently reminded that what seems normal in the high-tech heartland can seem decidedly odd to the rest of the country.

A big fan of irony, serendipity, diversity, and quirky intelligence tempered with gentle humor, she strives to bring these elements into her writing, although her characters tend to take these elements to a whole new level. 

She’s a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and the Authors Guild where she feels at home among those plot to kill. She's also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers who seem less blood-thirsty and more interested in the skeletons in the closet.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. Hope you have a nice Tuesday.

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  5. Looking forward to reading this. Spent my working life in Silicon Valley, happily retired in the East Bay now. And thanks for the great review, Lisa. Good recommendation.

  6. Sounds like such a fun read. Have added it to my TBR list.

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  12. Thank you all for your warm welcome and enthusiastic response! I hope you enjoy the book! Grandma Cootle, you may recognize some of the settings in the book, although Silicon Valley has changed so much. As has the East Bay!