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PURL UP AND DIE by Maggie Sefton
SENSE OF DECEPTION by Victoria Laurie

Book 13 in the Knitting Mystery series 
by Maggie Sefton

In this mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Yarn Over Murder, Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun Knitters must unravel the truth from the lies to clear a friend’s son of murder...
Kelly’s summer in Fort Connor, Colorado, is off to a great start with knitting classes taught by her friend Barb. But while the advanced stitches are giving Kelly the slip, a more deadly problem soon has her friend coming apart at the seams.
A young woman has accused Barb’s son, Tommy—a young doctor doing his residency—of assaulting her. The yarns spun by the local rumor mill are bad enough, but when the woman is found dead in her ransacked apartment, Tommy becomes the number one suspect. 
With the police ready to close the case, it’s up to Kelly to knit together the clues to uncover a killer who doesn’t seem to drop a stitch...


I’ve mentioned this in a previous review, but 13 certainly not an unlucky number. At least not when it means the 13th in a cozy mystery series! PURL UP AND DIE is one of the best books in the Knitting Mystery series so far! Author Maggie Sefton has written another wonderful whodunit with this book.

I went through a lot of nail biting reading this story. I wasn’t sure how the author was going to sort things out at the end of the book. I was so sure I was on the right track at times, but something always happened that completely threw me off. When the reveal came, I was stunned. I really didn’t see it coming. Well done, Ms. Sefton!

It would be fun to understand kitting, but it certainly it’s not required to enjoy this book or the series. You may however feel the urge to learn, because the group of characters in this series seem to have a great time with it!

I’m very much looking forward to see what mystery author Sefton knits together for the fourteenth installment in this entertaining and wonderfully written series! 

And don’t miss the knitting pattern and delicious recipe at the back of the book!

This is my review from the hardcover edition released on June 2, 2015


Book 13 in the Psychic Eye Mystery series
by Victoria Laurie

In New York Times bestselling author Victoria Laurie’s thirteenth Psychic Eye Mystery, Abby Cooper senses a convicted killer is innocent, but she’ll need hard evidence to save the woman before it’s too late… 

A ticked-off judge has tossed Abby in the slammer for contempt of court, and during her brief but unpleasant stay she learns the story of a condemned woman who is confronting a far more serious sentence. Skyler Miller has been found guilty of murder and faces the death penalty. Everyone believes she’s guilty, including her own family and her ex-husband—everyone, that is, except Abby, whose finely honed intuition tells her this woman doesn’t belong behind bars.
With the help of her husband Dutch and her friend Candice, Abby launches into her own investigation to clear Skyler and find the real killer. But after a final appeal is denied and Skyler’s attorney scrambles for a stay of execution, time is running short—and the list of suspects keeps growing. There’s no margin for error as the life of an innocent woman hangs in the balance. . . .


Congratulations to author Victoria Laurie for an original storyline. Having protagonist psychic Abby Cooper thrown in jail for contempt of court was a great way to start off SENSE OF DECEPTION. Having Abby share a cell with an accused death row murderer and Abby’s psychic sense telling her the woman is innocent when no one else believes she is, was simply inspired.

The story was full of energy and intrigue. There was lot of action and many road blocks as Abby and gang try to find the real murderer. What seemed an impossible uphill battle, was resolved in a surprising and satisfying reveal.  

For those who read book 12, FATAL FORTUNE, and were disappointed, I think you’ll find SENSE OF DECEPTION is back on track and up to the standards you have come to expect from this author.

I pointed this out in my last review of a book in this series, but it seems to have fallen into the “cozy” mystery genre. For readers who like their cozies on the true lighter side as cozies should be, this series may not be to your liking. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a hardcore thriller. However, anyone who enjoys an edgier mystery, that doesn’t mind some “language” and such, as well as a slight a paranormal flare, you’ll really like this book and the Psychic Eye Mystery series.

This is my review from the hardcover edition released on July 7, 2015

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  2. I have read some of the Psychic Eye Mystery series andd I really enjoyed them. Thanks for the review and more books to check out.