Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Today The Cozy Times is featuring the 
Knobcone Heights News

A drowning was reported by the News this week. Why do I have a feeling it wasn't an accident? 

Check it out!

Visitor With Ties To Knobcone Heights Found Drowned
Foul Play Suspected
by Dinah Greely, writer (and assistant at Barkery and Biscuits and at Icing on the Cake)
Ada Arnist, member of the prominent Arnist family who own a vacation residence in the elite mountain community just outside Knobcone Heights, was found drowned this morning in Knobcone Lake, not far from the Knobcone Heights Resort. 
Witnesses say that the victim had been arguing with Janelle Blaystone, a photographer and newcomer to town, who had claimed that Arnist had stolen her dog Go from a dog park in Los Angeles.  Go apparently reappeared here at the local shelter, Mountaintop Rescue, which is where Blaystone found her.  Other purebred dogs also have allegedly disappeared from L.A. dog parks but it is unknown at this time whether authorities had been looking into any relationship with Arnist.

Local police have not denied that the investigation into Arnist's death may involve Blaystone, and her friend Neal Kennersly, a local who works at the resort.  Kennersly is the brother of Carrie Kennersly, owner of Barkery and Biscuits and at Icing on the Cake, who only recently had been cleared of suspicion in another murder.
We will provide updates as they become available.



So dear Cozy Times readers, if someone holds a grudge against you or has just been looking at you funny, stay away from lakes and ponds! ;-)

That's this week's edition of 
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I hope you enjoyed!

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When a Dog-Snatching Scheme Leads to Murder, Carrie Must Sniff Out the Truth
Carrie Kennersly, veterinary technician and owner of the Barkery and Biscuits bake shop, agrees to a day of hiking with her brother Neal―mostly because she wants to meet and critique his latest romantic interest, Janelle Blaystone. But instead of judging her, Carrie feels only sympathy for Janelle, whose beloved black Labrador, Go, was recently dognapped.
Janelle thinks the culprit is Ada Arnist, a wealthy homeowner spotted at the dog park where Go was stolen. Soon after Janelle confronts Ada, though, the woman is found dead. With Janelle and Neal on the suspect list, Carrie must solve the mystery before the police bark up the wrong tree.
Book One

Veterinary technician Carrie Kennersly has become known for offering healthy dog treats at the clinic where she works. So when the owner of the local bakery moves away, Carrie jumps at the chance to buy the business and convert half of it into the Barkery, a shop where she can make and sell her canine delights.
But Myra Ethman, co-owner of another pet product store, hates the new competition. At the Barkery's opening party, she badmouths Carrie's homemade dog biscuits, insisting she'll find a way to shut the place down. When Myra is found dead with a Barkery biscuit beside her, Carrie must prove she didn't do it before she's collared for murder.
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  1. Thanks, Lisa. Hope your Saturday is a good one.

  2. I really enjoy this series. And thanks for the heads up to be extra careful when I visit Knobcone Heights, I'll be sure to wear a life jacket whenever I'm outside!