Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book 7 in the Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries 
by B. B. Haywood

The author of Town in a Sweet Pickle brings back Candy Holliday, a blueberry farmer with a green thumb for sleuthing...

The much-anticipated wedding of local resident Maggie Tremont and popular baker Herr Georg has stirred up the usually quiet coastal town of Cape Willington. To make sure the wedding of the year goes off without a hitch, the participants gather at a pre-wedding dinner—everyone, that is, except the best man...
Worried, Candy, the maid of honor, goes looking for him, finally tracking him down to the upstairs archive rooms at the English Point Lighthouse and Museum. There’s only one problem: he’s dead, struck over the head with a bottle of champagne, the same exclusive brand that was ordered for the dinner. Before the wedding plans fall flat, Candy rushes to find the murderer, unearthing a conspiracy that could spill over into the whole town...



Another berry clever story in the Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries!

First, to B. B. Haywood for dedicating TOWN IN A CINNAMON TOAST to the fans and bloggers of cozy mysteries. . .thank you for thinking of us!

I love that each book in this series starts off with the death scene from the victim’s perspective. Next the reader gets to read some of the local newspaper from Cape Wellington, Main, The Cape Crusader. And all this before chapter one!

TOWN IN A CINNAMON TOAST centered around my favorite character, Herr Georg Wolfsburger. Needless to say, this became one of my favorite books in this fantastic series. Every character in this series is wonderfully written and developed. They all make for fun, entertaining reading.

A great plot that carried through more than one mystery, B. B. Haywood captured everything in one book that has made this entire series such a treat to read. This is for sure another fabulous installment of the Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries that will have a special place on my bookshelves.

My one concern. . .this story felt final. With so many great cozy series ending in 2015 and already in 2016, I’m really hoping this series won’t be one of them. L I’m holding on to the hope that there will be a book eight.

Take a look at the back of the book for recipes, a spring planting guide, full character list, and an excerpt from the very first Candy Holliday book, TOWN IN A BLUEBERRY JAM!

Available February 2!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! I have the same concern, as you...that too many favorite cozy series are ending.

  2. I haven't read this series yet. Thanks for the review!