Saturday, January 16, 2016

Book 1 in the Ogallala Mysteries 
by Annette Drake

Joni Harte knew her first job out of college would be tough, but she didn’t expect it to be murder. 
With the ink mostly dry on her journalism degree, Joni accepts the position of news reporter and photographer for The Ogallala Gazette. She’s tasked with chronicling all of the goings-on of the quirky characters who inhabit this small Missouri town. 

While investigating the identity of the first murder victim, Joni makes an enemy of the local sheriff. Worse, she catches the attention of a violent stalker who promises to cure Joni of her curiosity. 
As the Ogallala County Fair comes to an end, Joni must uncover the truth before she comes to hers.


An easy, fast moving mystery!

DEATH GOES TO THE COUNTY FAIR started off with excitement and action, and was filled with twists, and questions that kept me guessing.

Joni is a photographer and reporter for the local paper. She’s a young protagonist at twenty-two years old. Thankfully, author Annette Drake doesn’t write her as a know it all super sleuth. Of course she’s going to snoop around looking for answers, but that’s the way of a cozy mystery.

I very much enjoyed author Drake’s style of writing. Even during more descriptive scenes, I never felt bored or like the story should move faster.

A wonderful plot, plus great story telling makes DEATH GOES TO THE COUNTY FAIR a mystery you need to read!

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  1. Sounds like a fun read, and I am looking forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Sending you warm thoughts.

  3. So, here's the thing: I hate arrogance. It's one of my least favorite character traits. When I wrote this book, I wanted my protagonist to be humble and a little insecure so that readers could watch her grow and learn to believe in herself. Some reviewers call her self-doubt a character flaw. Okay. Maybe. But I cheer for Joni because she, like me, doesn't always believe in herself.
    Thank you, Lisa, for a glowing review. So very appreciated.