Wednesday, January 13, 2016

by Dianne Harman

Book 8 in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mysteries 
by Dianne Harman 

Cuba - a land of classic cars, beautiful beaches, salsa music, and the best cigars in the world. As diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States starts to improve, everyone wants a piece of the action. When Mike’s friend, Jack Trout, asks Kelly and Mike to join his wife and him on an exploratory trip to a Cuban island, it’s an invitation they can’t resist. Mike’s dream of fly fishing the saltwater flats on the exotic island is quickly replaced when he’s asked by the local constable to help solve the murder of a British fly fishing guide, Dudley Samms. Jack becomes a suspect and his wife, Carola, asks Kelly to help solve the crime. 

Plenty of quirky characters have reasons to wish Dudley dead, but who killed him? The Englishman who is the head of one of the largest international banks in the world? The American with no visible means of support, but who has plenty of money to fish all around the world? The victim’s wife? One of the Cuban fishing guides? Or was it Jack? 

This is the eighth book in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. Dianne is also the author of the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series and the High Desert Cozy Mystery Series, all of which are best sellers. 


Fans of the Cedar Bay mysteries are going to fly through this latest installment.

MURDER IN CUBA in all honesty is not a book I would normally read. I have no interest in fishing, nor in Cuba, I do however enjoy author Dianne Harmon’s wring, so I was willing to give it a try. I’m happy I did.

Ms. Harmon’s descriptions made the book come to life. Knowing that most of the story was based on her own trip, minus the murder, really came through in the author’s writing.

All in all I did really enjoy the story. It’s a good mystery that moved quickly to reach a satisfying conclusion.

You’re also going to find some yummy recipes at the back of the book! 
Book 2 in High Desert Cozy Mysteries
by Dianne Harman

Who killed Randy Jones? 

Was it Dr. Rosenbaum, who would do anything to get the Native American artifacts he desperately needed to add to his collection? Was it Richard Sagebrush, a Native American whose one goal in life was to return stolen artifacts to their rightful tribes? Was it Randy’s son, Luke Peterson, who was still angry his father had abandoned him forty years ago? Was it Colin Sanders, who dealt in black market Native American artifacts? Or even Mary BirdSong, the woman who had lived for ten years with Randy in his rundown desert shack until one day, without any explanation, he kicked her out? 

Randy Jones was an old desert rat with a secret collection of Native American artifacts that was worth millions, but can you put a price on an illegal collection? That’s the dilemma Marty Morgan finds herself in when Randy asks her to appraise his collection, but the meeting leads to more than an appraisal – it becomes a meeting that ends in murder – Randy’s. 

Join Marty, her boyfriend Detective Jeff Combs, her psychic sister, Laura, and her black Labrador, Duke, who refuses to set foot on desert sand without his pink booties, as they search for the killer before he murders Marty. Another dilemma Marty faces is deciding whether she wants her relationship with Jeff to go to the next level. 

Murder and the Secret Cave is another mouth-watering High Desert Cozy Mystery with recipes included by seven time Amazon All-Star author.


A wonderful mystery packed with deception and greed…and of course murder!

Dianne Harman is the author of many wonderful series. The High Desert Cozy Mystery series is one of her newest and best.

MURDER & THE SECRET CAVE was a great mystery from start to finish. Well written, characters, such as protagonist, appraiser Marty Morgan, and her big black dog, Duke and his pink booties.

Ms. Harman told this story from several perspectives, with different chapters following various characters as well as time frames. All parts of the story converged to lead to an exciting reveal that took me by surprise.

And kudos to author Harman for a very original murder weapon!

Make sure to check out the wonderful recipes at the back of the book!
Book 4 in the Liz Lucas Bed & Breakfast Cozy Mysteries 
by Dianne Harman 

The time has finally come for Liz Lucas, the owner of The Red Cedar Spa, and her long-time boyfriend, Roger Langley, a criminal defense attorney, to get married. What’s not to be happy about that? Well, for starters Roger’s best friend Bob Salazar’s sister-in-law, Laura, is murdered at Cindy’s Bed & Breakfast during the wedding reception. Definitely not a good thing to have happen on your wedding day. 

There are plenty of quirky suspects, including the wealthy rancher who’s still in love with Bob’s wife, the smarmy minister who ran against Bob for county supervisor in the recent election, the estranged stepmother of Bob’s wife, Laura’s drug-addicted ex-husband, and Bob’s ex-girlfriend whose family has strong Mafia ties. 

Join Liz, Roger, and their dog Winston, as they search for the killer. As always, there are recipes, dogs, and good food. Enjoy! 

This is the fourth book in the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series. Dianne is also the author of the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series and the High Desert Cozy Mystery Series, both of which are best sellers.


Another great installment in the Liz Lucas Cozy mysteries.

I’ve been reading author Dianne Harman for at least a year now. She has such an interesting way of telling her stories. Often the reader will go from a chapter with the protagonist, to a chapter going back to what led up to the killing. It’s a creative way to tell a story.

The series is one of my favorites out of the many that this author pens. Series lead and namesake, Liz Lucas has been great to read, and watch grow.

MURDER AT THE BED & BREAKFAST was a well written story with an engrossing plot that really grabbed my attention. With a fast flow, I made quick work of finishing this book. But now I have to wait for the next.

For fans of the Liz Lucas series, you are in for a treat! Make sure you check out the fabulous recipes at the back of this book!

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