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THE MARSH MADNESS by Victoria Abbott 
LAW AND AUTHOR by Erika Chase

Book 4 in the Book Collector Mystery series 
by Victoria Abbott

The national bestselling author of The Wolfe Widow presents another spine-tingling mystery featuring rare book collector Jordan Bingham and some Ngaio Marsh first editions worth killing for…

Jordan works hard to improve Vera Van Alst’s collection of classic detective stories. So when Chadwick Kauffman—heir to the Kauffman fortune—offers a very good price on a fine collection of Ngaio Marsh first editions owned by his recently deceased stepfather, she is thrilled to meet with him at his fabled summer estate, Summerlea.

The next day, Jordan and Vera are shocked to read that Chadwick has died in a fall from the grand staircase at Summerlea. But when the picture in the paper is of a different man, it becomes clear that the ladies are victims of a scam. And they’ll have to unmask the imposter fast, because someone is trying to frame them for murder…


Author Victoria Abbott always gives her readers a great ride for their money. No one pens mystery and intrigue the way this author does. I always know I’m in for a good read when I pick up the newest installment of the Book Collector Mystery series. But THE MARSH MADNESS was beyond good. It was superb!

Murder, imposters, and surprises abounded in this fast paced mystery. Edge of my seat reading kept me turning each page desperate to discover the villain, while at the same time not wanting the story to end. And when the reveal came, I was beyond surprised. I really didn’t see it coming!

While keeping with everything that makes a modern cozy so popular, THE MARSH MADNESS also delivered a nostalgic feel of a Christie novel. Victoria Abbott aka mother/daughter writing team Victoria and Mary Jane Maffini could write the back of a cereal box and leave me wanting more. I’m already looking forward to the next book!

Well done ladies!

Also, find some yummy recipes and a sneak peek of THE HAMMETT HEX, book 5 in the Book Collector Mysteries! 


Book 5 in the Ashton Corners Mystery series 
by Erika Chase

The author of Book Fair and Foul reconvenes the Ashton Corners book club to solve a murder in their own backyard . . .

Bob Miller, retired police chief and member of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society, is stunned by the arrival of his twenty-one-year-old granddaughter, Darla, whom he has never seen. Bob has been estranged from his own daughter for decades and hopes to make up for his absence in Darla’s life. But some of the ladies of the book club find their Southern hospitality strained as they question the motives behind this sudden reunion.

After a dead man is found in Molly Mathews’s backyard, their concerns grow more serious. Lizzie Turner saw Darla arguing with the stranger the day before, but when the police question her, Darla proves to be an unreliable narrator. It’s up to the book club to uncover the real story . . . before another victim is written into the plot.


As a fan of this series I’ve really been looking forward to LAW AND AUTHOR. I was not disappointed! Author Erika Chase has written another wonderful story in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery series.

This series has one of my favorite groups of characters. Lizzie Turner and the other members of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society had a lot on their hands in this one when murder hits to close to the group.

Ms. Chase certainly knows how to write a fantastic story. Once I opened this book and started reading this amazingly well plotted mystery, I found myself being drawn in deeper and deeper until the room around me disappeared and I was completely enmeshed in the world of Ashton Corners loved every second of it right up to the exciting reveal!

LAW AND AUTHOR serves to prove that this series just keeps getting better with every story.

And I just have to mention that I love that Ms. Chase starts each chapter with a quote from a book along with the title and the author. What a great tribute to those authors. Plus it’s a great way for readers to add to their TBRs!

Check out the back of the book for each character’s reading list, and an excerpt from a brand new series by Linda Wikin aka Erika Chase!

Both of these great titles release on 
Tuesday, September 1! 

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  3. I love both of these series. I can't wait to delve into them. Your reviews were impeccably done as always and adds to my anticipation to read them . Thank you once again for your wonderful reviews.

  4. I haven't heard of these series but they both sound really fun! I always really enjoy reading your reviews of these books, and the recipes always make me hungry, but somehow I never manage to get my own hands on a book like this! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great week!

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