Thursday, August 13, 2015

DINNER AND DEATH by Helen Grochmal 
NIGHT AND DAY by Ann Summerville

Book 2 in the Carolina Pennsbury Mystery series 
by Helen Grochmal 

Who would try to poison a helpless cat in an old folks’ home? Is it a prank? An accident? Or something more sinister? Buckingham Courte’s own Carolina Pennsbury is just the amateur sleuth to find out. As the beautiful cat Apolonia is owned by her friend Margie, one of the Courte’s most pitiful and harrassed residents, Carolina suspects that the poison was actually intended for Margie, so she gathers all of her investigative powers to determine the evil mind behind the devilish plot and to protect her friend until she is able to bring the culprit to justice. She soon narrows the field of poisoner candidates down to three new residents who have filled an empty seat at the table where Carolina, Margie, and their three friends––Annie, Rita, and Dot––all dine regularly. Could the potential murderer be the lacivious Mike who can’t seem to keep his hands off any of the Courte’s female residents? Could it be frigid Frieda who finds Margie’s behavior, appearance, and background totally tasteless? Or could it be the polite but boring Paula who has all the personality of the chair she occupies? This may be Carolina’s toughest case––a case of of DINNER AND DEATH.


A wonderful mystery of murder, mayhem, and table assignments, all set in the world of an “old folk’s home --- that is, Independent Retirement Community”.

This delightful mystery follows Carolina Pennsbury and her fellow dinner table companions of the Buckingham Courte Retirement Community. And tis group of ladies is something else! After “losing” the sixth member of their dinner table group, the ladies try very hard to keep their seating arrangements to five. But how many are at their table becomes the least of their worries when they have a would be cat killer to find, after someone poisons one of the residents cats.

This was a cozy unlike any I’ve read. With an original concept and a true skill for storytelling, author Helen Grochmal had me intrigued and completely absorbed in this laugh out loud mystery.

I can only hope that should I find myself in a retirement community one day, I have a group of ladies like these for companions. Hmm…or do I?

DINNER AND DEATH is the second Carolina Pennsbury mystery. I plan to go back and read the first in this series. And I look forward to more installments. 


Book 3 in the Pecan Valley Mystery series 
by Ann Summerville 

Not all is what it seems in Pecan Valley and Bea can’t quite put her finger on what is wrong. She’s hoping Marge won’t become a permanent house guest and encourages her to look for a new home, but while they are scouting the neighborhood they end up looking for more than a house for Marge. What Bea wants to uncover is the unsavory dealings of a ruthless realtor and a murderer that might put Bea on the list of victims.


This was my first book in the Pecan Valley Mystery series, bit I plan to go back and read the first two, GRANDMOTHER’S FLOWER GARDEN and BIRDS IN THE AIR.

Author Ann Summerville has penned a wonderful whodunit that I found hard to put down. Great writing and a flowing storyline with likeable characters made NIGHT AND DAY a delight to read.

Lead character Bea thought her biggest worry was getting her friend Marge to move out of her house and into one of her own. That was before murder and real estate fraud entered her life.

A shorter than average book, this story still held all the mystery and intrigue as a much longer book. Page after page I became more involved with this and couldn’t wait to discover who the killer was, even though I didn’t want the book to end. And wow, when the reveal did come, I was completely blindsided! Well done Ms. Summerville.

As I mentioned, I want to go back and read the first two book in this series and I also look forward to future installments.  

Both of these great books are available now!

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  1. Both of these sound really good!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! Both are new to me authors and the books sound very good!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to new authors, and for the great reviews. I will be adding them to my TBR list.

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I love how you're finding authors I've never read and Dinner and Death sounds just right for me!

  5. Thanks for your review. I have found that people who are reading on their phones are looking for shorter books these days, I'm glad I was able to pack in enough for you to enjoy.