Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The site's name is

I am fit to be tied my friends. I found a new site where I could order wonderful little gifts, and items I could use for my eBay business. 

My very first order I was charged shipping when it clearly said shipping was free. 

I contacted customer service via chat. I was told to cancel the order and reorder it!
I had 40 items in that order! 40 items!
Round for round we went back and forth, with everything ending in me cancelling my order. I did not reorder, and won't. I'm now keeping a watch of my credit card to make sure I'm not charged. 

I should have known the deals were too good. But, you never know if you don't try, right?

Please, let your friends know to beware of this site. 

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  1. I am sorry about this. Thanks for the warning. I recently won some fabric. I could choose what I wanted. I came 8 dollars under the amount and they still wanted to charge me five dollars for shipping. Nope

  2. Bummer, Lisa!

    Pat T