Sunday, February 20, 2022

Happy Sunday my friends.

Have you noticed how fast time passes as we get older? We spent our childhood wanting to grow up, and it felt like it took forever! 

With my mom

I hadn't yet wanted to grow up in this picture. I was doing my favorite thing. I was with Mommy. 

When I hit school age (not the fun stuff like kindergarten), that was when I wanted to grow up. Don't get me wrong. I loved learning. I still do! But I didn't like spending five days a week in "lock down". Lock down for me was anywhere I couldn't get up and walk away from. I'm still the same. It has a lot o do with my panic and anxiety order. Anywho, back to my topic.

If I could go back to a certain time, I wouldn't pick childhood. I wouldn't mind being thirty again. Let's say twenty-five to thirty. I like what I was doing, and I still had my parents and grandmother. 

However, fifty-five I am, and I am trying to find the fun and joy in that. If time is going to fly, I want to have fun while it's happening. 

I have an idea for us. When you have some time to yourself, make that day last. Enjoy being with yourself and the space around you. Find a quiet place and read, work on a craft, go to the park, or going fun shopping (not the I-have-to-do-my-errands shopping). Sunday is the day I can do this.  

Try as hard as you can to find that time for yourself. I know it can be easier said than done, but try. You can't do for others if you don't do for you.

My sweet friends, I hope this Sunday moves at a quiet pace for you, and that you can find your inner peace. Love you all!


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  1. I totally agree with you, Lisa! I couldn’t wait to be “grown up”. Now, I look back on childhood with precious memories. There are times, in my life, I wish I could go back to those days.
    I, too, am trying to find ways to better enjoy the years (hopefully) I have left.
    Happy Sunday!
    Pat T