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Surprising Sheet Pan Meals the Whole Family Will Love

Crispy Base + Melty Sauce + Flavorful Topping = Nachos make a perfect sheet pan dinner!

It’s like a dream come true! First, because you now have an invitation to eat a plate of nachos as a real meal, and second, because here are dozens and dozens of recipes and ideas to transform this beloved snack into a nourishing sheet pan dinner. Plus dessert.
Written by the irrepressible Dan Whalen, Nachos for Dinner combines the mad-genius spirit of his previous books, ‘Smores and Tots!, with the practical brilliance of Sheet Pan Suppers. First Whalen breaks down the nacho’s intrinsic appeal to its three essential components—a crispy base, a melty sauce, and a flavorful topper. And then he gives you the three flavor profiles—a lot of umami, a little heat, and something bright-tasting, whether pickled or fresh. From there the world is your nacho plate.
Of course there’s the chips-and-cheese classic, but then the nachos veer decidedly into dinner, with favorites from every part of the meal from French Onion Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Nachos, and Cobb Salad Nachos to Fish Taco Nachos, Banh Mi Nachos, and Shrimp and Grits Nachos. And there are plenty of not-chos (that is, nachos that use other ingredients for the chips)—like Lasagnachos, Scallion Pancake Nachos, and Pretzel and Brat'chos. Even Apple Pie Nachos for dessert.



Surprising Sheet Pan Meals the Whole Family Will Love 

Nachos for dinner? Yes, Please!

Obviously the title of this bo0k drew me in. I’m a snack food kind of person, so the thought of turning a snack food for dinner, I just couldn’t resist. 

Starting with, a brief history of nachos, author, Dan Whalen taught me a few things I didn’t know. Seriously, my outlook on these tasty chips has been broadened and I can’t way to make my first, nacho dinner nummy. 

Just a fraction of the recipes you’ll find in NACHOS FOR DINNER are . . . Tortilla Chips (of course), Nacho Cheese Sauce, Corn Salsa, Roasted Tomato Salsa, Creamy Crunchy Slaw, BLT Guac, Herby Crema, Meaty Pinto Beans, Red Curry Chickpeas, Fajita-Style Veggies, Taco-Style Ground Beef, Chicken Tinga, Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Caprese Nachos, French Onion Soupchos, Cheesy Bacon Potato Chipcos, Scallion Pancake Nachos, Lobster Nachos, Italian Sub Nachos, Chicken Parm N0t-Chos, Lasagn’Chos, Pretzel Bratchos, Breakfast Nachos, Trashy Microwave Nachos, Apple Pie Nachos . . . and so any more.

I love having photos of all the recipes. While not every recipe has a single page photo of the finished dish, most have a photo of some size.

Clear instructions plus creative combinations equal delicious meals based on one of the world’s favorite chips . . . Nachos! You simply can’t go wrong!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous book! Thanks for the heads up. I will be checking it out further.
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    Happy Thursday!

    Pat T