Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Today I want to talk about 

Over my life time I have had quite a few collections. My very first, that I can recall was stamp collecting.

Please note: None of the photos used are of my own collects.
They are all packed up tight.

I would go through all of my mom's purses and check each envelope I found for a stamp. I loved the hunt! Then I started ordering the ones I would see on the back of magazines. I was so thrilled when they arrived! Stamp collecting was short lived for me. 
Next? Collecting autographs. I started this when I was about 18myears old. I'm still collecting to this day, though I haven't actively requested any in a couple of years. I built my collection through the mail, through email, and have even had the wonderful opportunity to acquire many in person. 

In an upcoming Off Topic day, I'll share with you some of my favorite signatures. I've had so many lovely replies. 

I have also collected comic books, and non-sports trading cards.

I've sold my comic books, but I still have every trading card. I just can't bring myself to let them go. 

Another big collection of mine has been Raggedy Ann items. Dolls, books, toys, figurines, all things Raggedy. Of course Andy and their friends are a part of the collection. 

My collection of Raggedys started once I was an adult. As a child, I had a Raggedy Ann shaped pillow. (See photo above of pillow Andy, bottom row, standing behind the row of girl dolls. My Raggedy Ann pillow was made like that.)

One Christmas, I believe in my 20s, by mother gave me a plaque called "My Raggedy Ann". I cried when I read it. That was all it took. I now have a collection of close to 300 Raggedy items.

I don't really actively collect anything now. Only so much room, plus I tend to get obsessed. 

I do have a few things I've found while thrifting for items to resell, that I have held onto. A few little adorable elephant figurines, a couple of hand carved wooden animals, an amazing vase, and figures that are reading books or have to do with books. That sounds like a lot I know, but all total I think it's less than a dozen items and, with the exception of the vase, they are all small items. 

Ahem . . . Sorry about that outburst. 

Okay my friends, it's your turn. 
Do you collect anything?
I'd love to hear about it!

As always, please leave a comment and 
let me know what you think!

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  1. I have a small stamp collection, Lisa. It started with a job I had, with stamps on envelopes from all over the world. Then, my mom started saving ones she got and gave to me.
    I collect all kinds of cat stuff and even had to give some of my figurines away. Too many! :(
    I still collect teacups and saucers, as well as teapots. I love old pitchers and have a few, as well as some sugar and creamer sets.
    I’m now in what I call “littles” collecting. Things small enough I can put them anywhere, since I’ve filled three curios with the bigger stuff!
    Last, but not least, is books. I have always loved books and will always be surrounded by them.
    Happy Wednesday!
    Pat T

    1. Books! LOL Don't get me started on how many books I have! Funny I have never thought of them as a collection. They are more like oxygen. I couldn't live with out them. ;-)
      I don't even remember what came of my stamp collection. Have a great week, Pat!

  2. Ok, now this post can get quite lengthy. LOL I think the first thing I collected was bells. I can remember being allowed to ring folks to dinner while visiting my Granny with this little cowboy bell. I started out small and actually at one time had a wooden bell cabinet that hung on the wall that had like 30 compartments. My absolute favorite small bell was one hubby bought me shortly after married of an exquisite rose. Then I ran out of room and our finances were better so as they say go big or go home. So I stayed at home and went huge. I have a 317 pound brass steam engine bell, brass bells from fire wagons back before they had firetrucks, a Navy ships bell, and two very large church bells. And yes when we moved they moved with us. Hopefully this last move is to our forever home - both for us and the bells.

    Then we collected Emmett Kelly Jr. clowns. As a child I had an Emmett Kelly Sr. doll. When I was in junior high thinking I was grown, I ended up trading my Emmett for an A in art. Horrible to think that an adult would do that, but it happened. In 1988 when our daughter died in a car accident and needing something to fill our time and after looking at old home movies, we set a goal to hit antique stores to see if I could find "MY" doll. We did find a new in box doll but it's still a bit different from the one I had. In the process we learned about the Flambro EKJ collection and got hooked. THEN along the way we met and ended up very good friends with Emmett who even convinced us to get on the other side of the grease paint. You wouldn't believe how many Emmett's we had. When we downsized and moved 5 years ago, we took one huge display taking turns placing something dear to our heart on it. When it was full, then everything else had to come to a new home.

    Also through the years loving Christmas, we has seven trees in the house at Christmas. One was 11 ft. tall and revolved holding over 300 Hallmark ornaments. Snickerdoodle even has his own chihuahua tree complete with a chihuahua train to go around it. Now in the smaller home and with age and health all that decorating isn't possible. So we are trying to figure out how to dispose of tube upon tube of ornaments in the ONE huge closet we have.

    Oh did I tell you that hubby loves Wizard of Oz and that's a whole other story within itelf. LOL

    I still have all my Barbie dolls and accessories and the Revere Ware pots and pans that were miniature versions of my Mom's from the 50's. Figure those I will have until someone else has to worry about them.

    Collecting can be fun and addictive for sure. Honestly I think it's setting a goal and then going out and trying to find that one missing piece. Even now it would be easy to "collect", but age with difficulty walking and limited space (no extra rooms, beds to put things under or closets) curtail our collecting urges.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Kay, wow! I mean, wow! Like you, I feel it's all about the chase. And just when you think you have the crowning piece of your collection, you find out about another that you just have to have! Love that you became friends with Emmett! My brother collected several Emmett pieces, though I'm can't remember if they were Senior or Jr. I'm not sure if he still had any of the pieces at the time of his passing. Thank you for sharing this all with us!

  3. Wow. I used to collect Boyds Bears and snowmen and thimbles from places we went. Now I have my moms thimbles that she collected from when her and dad traveled the world on his business.

    1. Thimbles are a great way to go. Nice and small! Wish I had known this a couple of years ago. I was in the Habitat Resale Store one day, and they had a basket of collectable thimbles for .50 each! I would have grabbed them all for you!

  4. If you have already read today's post, please read again. I fix many errors. I had started talking about hobbies then went into collections. My brain jumping from one this to another is a fun part of being me. LOL