Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies!


I have been in a cookie mood. That could have a lot to do with the fact that it’s December and just 13 days til Christmas. So, what better book than one that promises 200 Christmas cookie recipes?

Welcome to the fifteenth volume of The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection!! This is the third volume of the Value Packs – this book has 200 Cookie Recipes inside!

Are you looking for New and Delicious Cookie Recipes?

This cookbook has a wide variety of choices if you are looking for Christmas or Holiday Cookie Recipes. There are 200 recipes inside, with 50 recipes for Chocolate Cookies, 50 recipes for Cutout Cookies, 50 recipes for Spritz Cookies and 50 recipes for Thumbprint Cookies. 

Inside this book you will find the best Christmas Cookies to make at home. 

The type of recipes you will find inside Christmas Value Pack III – 200 Christmas Cookie Recipes – Chocolate Cookies, Thumbprint Cookies, Spritz Cookies and Cutout Cookies are seasonal, traditional and unique Holiday cookies.

Comprised of 4 books by author Pamela Kazmierczak . . .  Book One – Chocolate Christmas Cookies, Book Two – Christmas Cutout Cookies, Book Three – Christmas Spritz Cookies, and Book Four – Christmas Thumbprint Cookies . . . CHRISTMAS VALUE PACK III 200 CHRISTMAS COOKIE RECIPES, will have you craving cookies even after the holidays!  

I’ll get this out there first. There are no photos in this book. I love pictures of finished recipes that I can compare with my finished product, so I am a bit let down. That being said, this was a free download, so who am I to complain? But the true saving grace to this book, 200 cookie recipes!

With cookies like (I won’t place the word cookie after every recipe name), Triple Chocolate, White Chocolate Cinnamon Chip, Orange Chocolate Drop, Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Turtle, Sugar Cut Out, Almond Shortbread Cut Out, Oat Flour Cut Out, Ginger Spice Cut Out, Eggnog Cut Out, Butter Spritz, Cream Cheese Spritz, Lemon Spritz, Cranberries Almond Spritz, Pecan Thumbprint, Red Velvet Thumbprint, Peanut Butter Thumbprint, Vanilla Mint Thumbprint, to name only ¼ of the cookies included, there is a cookie (or 10 or 50) that will please everyone!

With ingredients easy to find in any store (most already in your pantry), and clear step by step directions, the made from scratch cookies you’ll find in CHRISTMAS VALUE PACK III 200 CHRISTMAS COOKIE RECIPES, will make you the hit of the cookie exchange, Christmas party, and/or family gathering!

At the time of this posting, this book was FREE on Amazon!

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  1. That’s enough cookie recipes to keep anyone busy a while! Happy Thursday, Lisa.