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This week is my first Halloween cozy mystery pick
by Karen MacInerney

Two witches, one haunted house... and a dash of murder. Will Lucy find the killer in time? Or will she be Buttercup's next resident ghost?

It's Halloween in Buttercup, Texas, and reporter-turned-farmer Lucy Resnick is up to her ears in more than goats and wayward cows. Not only has her well dried up, but it turns out the old house Lucy recently moved to the farm has a reputation for spooks... and they are disturbingly active. Then a tarot card reading at a local mead winery foretells death... and minutes later, exotic game ranch owner Bug Wharton goes belly-up. Cause of death? Murder, by a fatal dose of bee venom. 

When the dimwitted sheriff fingers local witch and mead winery owner Serafine Alexandre, Lucy gets involved... and soon discovers that all kinds of things are brewing in Buttercup. 

And some of them are deadly.

That's me running away from people who don't like to read! With books like
how can there be folks who choose not to read?

DEADLY BREW takes place during Halloween
 in Buttercup, Texas.

Lucy Resnick is feeling the full force of Halloween in Buttercup, and on Dewberry Farm.

Lucy has moved an old house to the farm. But it seems the house didn't come vacant. Did some ghosts come traveling along with it?

If ghosts aren't Halloweeny enough for you, how about a dire tarot cad reading, a murder, and a local witch who brews wine?

DEADLY BREW is a exciting and fun mystery that you won't be able to put. Add it to your list today!

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  1. Thanks for your great post. I have to read this series.

  2. I have this series on my TBR. I need to squeeze it in ASAP, it sounds so good!

  3. The first two books in the Dewberry Farm series we're wonderful. I was not able to read well so bought both books in MP3 format which allowed my husband and me to both listen while driving here and there. In addition to us, I then pass them on to our daughter who listens to them on her long commute every day. And, she enjoyed them very much. I am hoping that Deadly Brew will be released in MP3 format soon but if not I can't wait much longer so will probably get the book.

    Thank you for letting giving us a little encouragement to get this latest book read!!

    Cynthia B

  4. paula Jacobson
    I really want to read this series. I'm always looking for new series. This one looks great.

  5. Thanks, Lisa! Spooktacular Monday, to you.