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I'm so excited to join Berkley in celebrating the November 7 Paperback release of 
by author
JoAnna Carl

is book 16 in the Chocoholic Mysteries

From the national bestselling author of The Chocolate Falcon Fraud comes an Easter-candy caper featuring chocolatiers Lee Woodyard and her aunt Nettie, and a killer who’s hopping mad…
The approach of Easter means a rush of business at TenHuis Chocolade, and Lee Woodyard and her aunt Nettie need all the help they can get to make their famous chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately, new hire Bunny Birdsong is a klutzy basket case. But to Lee’s surprise, she’s a wiz with computers and fixing the store’s website, so they decide to keep her.
However, Bunny receives a few visitors they could do without: Her soon-to-be ex-husband Beau, his wealthy aunt Abigail, and his new girlfriend and her brother all descend on the shop one day and have a bitter argument. Lee hopes they can find a peaceful way to settle their dispute, but when Abigail’s body is discovered in the vacant store next door, it’s clear to Lee there’s a bad egg in her midst. Now she’s on the hunt to find out who it is…

Includes tasty chocolate trivia!


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Imagine sweet milk chocolate dipped in rich dark chocolate, and dipped again in milk chocolate, and there you have the yummy goodness of the Chocoholics Mysteries! 

THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY BROUHAHA, the sixteenth adventure in the Chocoholics Mysteries, is every bit as delicious at the first fifteen. Being back with Lee and her Aunt Nettie at TenHuis Chocolade is always so inviting. Seriously, I can smell the chocolate as soon as I open the book! We just seem to keep getting those pesky dead bodies showing up. Who am I kidding? That’s what keeps us coming back as much as the chocolate! ;-) 

Easter is fast approaching in this newest installment from Joanna Carl, and the ladies at TenHuis are hard at work. But they are having Bunny problems. Not bunny of the chocolate variety, Bunny as in the new hire variety. See, she’s a sweet girl, but a bit of a klutz. Too make matters worse, trouble comes knocking by way of Bunny’s family. Let the mystery and mayhem ensue! 

Author Joanna Carl serves up a wonderfully tasty story with THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY BROUHAHA. Everything that makes this series wonderful and enduring is present and accounted for. Likable characters, humor, mystery and intrigue, yummy tummy growling chocolate, Carl uses all her writing finesse to pen a great cozy that that will delight readers both old and new to the Chocoholic Mystery series. 

Readers will also enjoy the “Who’s Who in Chocolate” feature that can be found throughout the book, as well as a cozy recipe that has nothing to do with chocolate! (We have to eat something else once in a while, don’t we?)


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Release date:
November 7



JoAnna Carl and Eve K. Sandstrom both write mystery novels relying on regional settings for atmosphere, background and clues.

JoAnna writes about the shores of Lake Michigan and has been reviewed in Michigan newspapers as a “regional writer.”

Eve writes about Southwest Oklahoma and once won an award for the best book of the year with an Oklahoma setting.

It’s no particular secret that Eve and JoAnna occupy the same body.

Talk about your split personalities!

But how did this happen?

Eve K. Sandstrom is an Oklahoman to the teeth: she was born there, as were five previous generations of her mother’s family. Both her grandfathers and her father were in the oil business, once the backbone of Oklahoma’s economy. One grandmother was born in the Choctaw Nation, and Eve is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Eve and seven other members of her immediate family are graduates of the University of Oklahoma. Eve even knows the second verse of “Boomer Sooner.”

Eve wrote two mystery series: the “Down Home” books, set on a ranch in Southwest Oklahoma, and the Nell Matthews mysteries, semi-hard-boiled books laid in a mid-size city on the Southern Plains.

But Eve married a great guy whose family owned a cottage on the east coast of Lake Michigan, not far from the Michigan towns of Fennville, Saugatuck, and Douglas. Every summer for more than forty years she, her husband, and various combinations of children and grandchildren have trekked to the community of Pier Cove for vacations that lasted from two weeks to three months.

The area features gorgeous beaches, lush orchards, thick woods, and beautiful Victorian houses. Eve grew to love it. So when her editor asked her to come up with a new mystery series, Eve set it in a West Michigan resort town, scrambling up Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, Holland, Manistee, Ludington, and Muskegon with her own ideas of what a resort ought to be to create Warner Pier.

As further background, she plunked her heroine into a business which produces and sells luscious, luxurious, European-style bonbons, truffles and molded chocolates. Most small towns couldn’t support a business like this, but the resorts of West Michigan – with their tourists and wealthy “summer people” – can. The “Chocoholic Mysteries” were on their way.

Eve’s editor requested that she use a pen name for the new series, and Eve picked the middle names of her three children, Betsy Jo, Ruth Anna, and John Carl. “JoAnna Carl” was born.

So that’s how JoAnna/Eve became a regional author in two widely separated regions.

JoAnna/Eve earned a degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma and also studied with Carolyn G. Hart and Jack Bickham in the OU Creative Writing Program. She spent more than twenty-five years in the newspaper business, working as a reporter, editor, and columnist at The Lawton Constitution in Lawton, Oklahoma. She took an early retirement to write fiction full-time.

She and her husband, David F. Sandstrom, ha

ve three grandchildren, whom they love introducing to the lore of their two homes – Oklahoma and Michigan.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. The book sounds great and I enjoyed learning more about JoAnna Carl. Happy Sunday.

  2. Love the series and I don't have The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha yet...Thank you for the chance to win...

  3. Thanks for sharing your review, Lisa.

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  5. Thanks for the review and the chance!

  6. THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY BROUHAHA sounds very much like a book that I'd love to read. After all how can you not love a book that deals with chocolate? :) Thanks for the review!