Thursday, August 17, 2017

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What's Baking?!

I know I did a baking book last week, but A) I LOVE BAKING, and B) this book comes out on Sept 5, and I wanted you all to know about it ASAP!

Showstopping Recipes To Sweeten The Season
by Elisabet der Nederlanden

From Icebox Pinwheel Cookies to Red-and-White Meringue Kisses to Apple Cider Caramels, find new inspiration for the best of seasonal baking with Holiday Cookies.
This instant holiday classic is packed with 50 recipes, each gorgeously photographed and meticulously tested, along with dozens of decorating and packaging ideas. Filled with reimagined favorites like Giant Molasses Spice Cookies and Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies; confections like Peppermint Bark, Smoked Almond and Cacao Nib Brittle, and Dark Chocolate–Hazelnut Fudge; and detailed instructions for gorgeous gingerbread houses, cookie place cards, and edible ornaments, this is a cookie book like no other. Because the recipes are easy to scale up or down, Holiday Cookies is perfect for cookie exchanges, gift-giving, and just enjoying throughout the season. 

From a veteran baker and recipe developer, each cookie in this collection is guaranteed to be a stand-out, and destined to become your new Christmas classic.


I am crazy for sweets. I have been my entire life. Needless to say, when I first saw HOLIDAY COOKIES, I knew I had to read this sweet recipe book for myself. I’m so very happy I did.

HOLIDAY COOKIES starts off with a lovely introduction from author Elisabet der Nederlanden. She tells of growing up in Sweden and her love of the holidays, and the delicious treats that came along with them. In under two pages, she made me feel the warmth of her life, and her joy for baking. I’m smiling again just mentioning it here.

The author’s happiness continues through in the “About This Book” section. Speaking of why she choose the recipes she did. She also leads readers through, Tips, Tricks, and Decorating, Royal Icing, Packaging, and Storage. Even ideas for a cookie exchange.

Following the introduction and the About This Book, are six tasty chapters filled with fifty mouthwatering cookie recipes that made me yearn for holidays past, and anxiously dream for holidays to come. 

Among the amazing cookie recipes presented in HOLIDAY COOKIES, you will find . . . Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons, Red Velvet Crackle Cookies, Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies, Espresso Thins, Glazed Eggnog Madeleines, Cinnamon-Sugar Palmiers, Swedish Pepparkakor, Danish Butter Wreaths, Gingerbread Place-Card Cookies, Stained – Glassed Snowflakes, Apple Cider Caramels, and oh so many, many more!

Honestly, I could smell the sweet, spicy scent of baking cookies filling my house the entire time I was immersed in this delightful book. Between the recipes, photos, and my nose playing tricks one me, I was deliriously overcome (in a good way of course) with sensory overload. 

HOLIDAY COOKIES is now a forever treasure of mine, and I know you’ll want to make it one of yours too. And I sincerely hope there is a HOLIDAY COOKIES TWO in the works.

I was blessed to be able to load this book early to my Kindle to read it for review. However, I love it so much, it's going on my birthday wish list so I'll have it in plenty of time for Christmas!

About author Elisabet der Nederlanden

ELISABET DER NEDERLANDEN is a passionate professional baker and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. She has worked as a food stylist and professional recipe developer/tester for commercial, advertising, and packaging projects. In addition, she has managed recipe testing and food styling for more than 30 cookbooks.

September 5!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. I bet her house always smells amazing! Happy Thursday.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lisa, your weekly blog posts are going to be bad for my wallet!!! How can I not purchase this after reading your review... you had me at Apple Cider Caramels and cinched the deal with mention of Glazed Eggnog Madeleines! Thanks for the introduction to this author!!!

    1. LOL Kim, sorry about your wallet, but I know how you feel. I was thrilled to have it on Kindle, but I have got to own the print copy of this book. My stomach is still growling!

  3. Love this feature on your blog. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  4. This book sounds like a keeper!! Just the names of the cookies are making my mouth water...can't wait to try them! Thanks for alerting us to this great cookbook, Lisa.

  5. Wow, this book had me wanting to go to the kitchen and start making cookies! Sounds like a great cookbook!