Thursday, August 31, 2017


I almost didn't choose the following cookbook for review today because it was published in 2010 and I found it with the bargain books at Barnes & Noble.
But I just had to share it!   

Fast Cooking with Bagged, Bottles, & Frozen Ingredients
From the editors of
Southern Living

In this title, over 150 recipes call for stirring a few simple ingredients into pre-packaged fresh, bagged, or bottled ingredients - or quick mixes and other convenience products - to make homestyle recipes without starting from scratch. The speed scratch philosophy delivers each recipe with a combination of flavour, quality and convenience. Now, the busy cook can get fresh and delicious home-cooked dinners on the table with 15 minutes or less prep time. There is a photo of every recipe that makes meal planning even easier. Quick recipes, such as Sante Fe Chicken and Dressing, Easy Texas Cilli, and So-Easy Cherry Fudge Cake, leave plenty of time for being with family. This title is designed to be used every day. "Quick Fixes" organizes quick and yummy "Southern Living" recipes into main dishes, side dishes, snacks, breads and desserts. Tip boxes called 'Speed Scratch Secrets' with every recipe, as well as blurbs throughout, divulge hundreds of hints, tips, and secrets from "Southern Living" test kitchens to help busy cooks prepare delicious dinners in record time - after work or anytime.


Spending a day at Barnes & Noble, I often fill my basket, take it to a table, where I have a cold root beer, and leisurely peruse my finds.

Out of all the books I had in my basket QUICK FIXES really appealed to me. I saw so many fabulous dishes. It occurred to me to jot some of them down, or snap photos with my phone. But the further I got into the book the more recipes I found that I knew I just had to try! So the book came home with me. Not only have I read the entire book, I’ve gone back over each page several times, and each time I do, I get more excited to try out some of these quick and easy recipes.

There isn’t one page in QUICK FIXES that isn’t covered with vibrant colors. Be it the photos, or recipes, and instructions, this wonderful cookbook is a visual feast! Southern Living really outdid themselves with this 320 page delight.

You’ll find easy everyday recipes like . . . Black Bean Salsa, Spicy Party Meatballs, Baked Potato Fries, Buttermilk Baked Chicken, Beef Vegetable Soup, Grilled Reubens, Bow Tie Pasta Sauce, Sweet Potato Pie, and Raisin – Oatmeal Cookies, to more refined dishes such as . . .  Tomato-Rosemary Tart, Spinach-Ravioli Lasagna, Grilled Steak with Pineapple Salsa, S0 – Quick Seafood Chowder, Roasted Broccoli with Orange – Chipotle Butter, Ginger Streusel – Topped Cheesecake, and Bayou Brownies.

There is no way you can go wrong with QUICK FIX {WITH MIXES}!

As I said above, I found this cookbook in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble. Originally $19.95 for the large paperback edition that I have, the price was marked down to $6.98! When my sister and I checked out, QUICK FIXES rang up for . . . $1.57!!!
Trust me, it's worth searching every bargain section in the bookstores to get this one for yourself. There are also many sites where you can purchase it used, like eBay,, and Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. The cover looks delicious.

  2. Lisa, wonderful as always....and I know cookbooks! This is a great one and a great review

  3. Thanks, Lisa, for the review on this one. It sounds like my kind of cooking so I'll be looking for this one the next time I'm in my local Barnes & Noble.

  4. This sounds like a great book to have even for me who rarely uses mixes due to food allergies but if u saw it for the great price you paid it would be worth finding even one good new recipe. Thank you for the wonderful derful information. So what are you cooking or baking from the recipes this week, or soon? Pictures when you do ok? I used to read cookbooks like they are novels. No calories with just reading.
    Thanks Lisa.

  5. That sounds like a real treasure, Lisa (and for an amazing price). Lucky you! happy Thursday.