Monday, July 10, 2017

Welcome to week 4 of the
with Bloggers Mary Brown, Karen M. Owen, and yours truly!

Every Monday from now through August 28,
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Today our theme is 
Road Trip and/or Car Cozies

We're recommending 3 books that cozy characters on a road trip and/or cozies that have a car/vehicle that really stands out to us!

I went with a memorable car for my
Road Trip and/or Car 
themed cozy mystery.
My pick is

#1 in the Hannah Swensen Mysteries
by Joanne Fluke

When I read CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MURDER I immediately feel in love with protagonist Hannah Swensen, her apartment filled with thrift store finds, the town of Lake Eden, the quirky characters, Hannah's bakery The Cookie Jar, and of course, the reason for this post, Hannah's truck!

Hannah Swensen drives around her town of Lake Eden, Minnesota in a used Chevy Suburban that she had painted candy-apple red, with the words The Cookie Jar painted in gold on the front doors. It has vanity license plate that reads COOKIES. 

Not Hannah's, but you get the idea.

From the beginning, Hannah's truck has a problem with the heater. Not a good thing at all for winters in Minnesota, but it does make for fun reading. 

Hannah also always has a stash of cookies in her car in case of an emergency, be it someone with low blood sugar, a stressful situation, or a small bribe to get Hannah information when she's on the hunt for a killer.

Please note: The descriptions I've shared are from the Hannah Swensen books, not the Hallmark movies. With all due respect, while I enjoy the movies as their own thing, about the only resemblance to the books are names. If you read the books but haven't seen the movies, be prepared. If you have watched the movies but haven't read the books, rather you like the movies or not, please do read the books. They are amazing!

Normally I would post my review or the Goodreads link to my review. However, I started reading the Hannah Swensen Mysteries before I knew the importance of reviewing. I did however give every book I've read in the series so far 5 stars, and would have given more if I could!

Of course, Hannah's cookie truck is featured in more than one book, so I guess you're going to have to read them all! 😁

I just know you're going to love my
car themed pick.

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  1. Great choice, Lisa. That must be some truck!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I'm still recovering from my most recent road trip! :) Happy Monday, to you.

  3. I have not read anything by her can you believe it? I think I have been missing something! Thank you for the suggestion!

  4. What a fun topic "Road Trip" and your idea is quite different than Mary's and Karen's. I've seen this book in a movie. I thought it was really good. :)