Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Spotlight

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Today's book spotlight is on
Book 2 in the Tobi Tobias Mysteries
by Laura Bradford

To help an old friend, Tobi Tobias gets a third-rate thespian a part in a commercial, and learns that in the advertising business, bad acting can lead to murder . . .

When Tobi Tobias opened her own advertising agency, Carter McDade was there for her every step of the way. A brilliant hairdresser, Carter has just landed his dream project: doing hair and makeup for a theatrical production of Rapunzel. But the dream turns into a nightmare when he runs into Fiona Renoir, a cruel, talentless starlet who won't let Carter touch a hair on her head.
To get Fiona out of Carter's hair, Tobi hires the difficult actress for a bit part in her latest commercial. But true to character, Fiona is a terror on set, and Tobi is starting to think she's made the biggest mistake of her life. But things get even worse when Fiona drops dead in the hairdresser's chair, and the only suspect is the man left holding the tainted hair dye, Carter McDade. And unless Tobi can prove his innocence, he'll never do hair in this town again.



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An Interview with Laura Bradford

LK: Hi Laura! So happy to have you on the blog! Do you remember that you were my first interview ever? 

LB: I’m truly honored to hold that distinction, Lisa! Thank you!

LK: How did you come up with the idea for the Tobi Tobias Mysteries?

LB: I was looking for a fun career for a sleuth and I’d always been interested in advertising (my major in college was Communications/marketing). And since advertising is about spin, it seemed a perfect backdrop for murder and mayhem!

LK: DEATH IN ADVERTSING, the first book in the Tobi Tobias series was fantastic and received wonderful reviews. Does that make you more confidant or nervous in how 30 SECOND DEATH will be received?

LB: That’s a tough question. I’m always nervous to an extent, but I also know that there are always going to be readers who love something and readers who don’t. All I can do is write a fun story and hope it resonates.

LK: I love that cozy mysteries always teach me something new. Did you learn anything new when researching and writing, 30 SECOND DEATH? Or would that fall under spoilers?

LB: Probably not to ever get my hair colored if I have an open scratch and I’m... Wait. Yep. That’d be a spoiler. My lips are now sealed.

LK: Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s), either for research or for promoting? How about for 30 SECOND DEATH?

LB: I always travel to Lancaster, PA when researching my Amish mysteries and now my upcoming women’s fiction books, but beyond that, it’s really just to go to a signing or library event.  For 30 Second Death I’m staying home and doing most of my promotion via social media.

LK: Did you base any characters in the Tobi Tobias Mysteries on someone you know?

LB: Nope. All figments of my imagination.

LK: Have you started the third book in the series? If yes, can you give us a hint of what we’ll be looking forward to?

LB: The third book is written and in the hands of my publisher. And Death Goes To… will be out in December. Tobi is up for a prestigious advertising award. It’s a special night for Tobi as she waits (surrounded by her friends and Grandpa Stu) to hear whether her name is called…

LK: Thanks Laura! I’m always happy to get to talk with you!

LB: Thank YOU, Lisa. It’s always a treat to chat with you! Always.

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  1. It was a pleasure chatting with you today, Lisa!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Happy Thursday, to you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your interview Lisa. It was great.

  4. Lisa, I Love your blog and reviews. I can't tell you how many times you got me so hooked I had to get the book you reviewed on the spot! Thank you for your insights! Merry