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DECK THE HALLWAYS by Kate Carlisle
A KILLER KEBAB bu Susannah Hardy
TWICE TOLD TAIL by Ali Brandon 

Book 4 in the Fixer-Upper Mysteries
by Kate Carlisle

The latest mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Crowned and Moldering.
Someone's been slayed! If contractor Shannon Hammer can't nail the real culprit in the St. Nick of time, her dad will wind up in the clink...
Even at Christmastime, Shannon is more spackle than sparkle, which is why she leaps at the chance to transform a grand old Victorian mansion into ten charming apartments for homeless families. Filled with the spirit of the season, all of Lighthouse Cove turns out to help—including her best friends, a troupe of far-from-angelic Santa Claus impersonators, and her father, Jack.
But their merriment is soon dashed by a heated scuffle between Jack and the miserly president of the bank who’s backing the project. When the man is murdered, all eyes are on Jack, and visions of prison time dance in Shannon's head. Now, she needs to pull off a crime-solving miracle, before her father’s Christmas goose is cooked…


Fix yourself up with a copy of this latest addition to the Fixer-Upper Mystery series by author Kate Carlisle!

Impeccably written by author Carlisle, DECK THE HALLWAYS was packed full of mystery and excitement, and there was no shortage of fun, and sentiment. An energizing cozy from cover to cover, I had a hard time putting this book down, and I know you will too.

I really like learning all the contracting information. It’s fun to feel a part of the projects while reading the story. It gives me the confidence that I could do more projects on my own. (Not going to, but I could if I wanted.)  It really is fascinating.

I adore the characters in this series. Protagonist Shannon Hammer is a strong, feisty lead character. She has no problem holding her own with anyone! She’s a girly contactor with pink tools, but don’t think that means she can be pushed around. Even during the reveal, and the battle with the killer that must certainly happen in all mysteries, Shannon wishes she had her tools, but managed to handle matters in a very girl like way. LOL I loved it!

I was enjoying DECK THE HALLWAYS SO MUCH, I was bummed to see it end. I’m already looking forward to book number five!


Book 2 in the Taste Of Texas Mysteries
by Rebecca Adler

Tex-Mex waitress and part-time reporter Josie Callahan is about to serve up some Lone Star justice in this spicy Taste of Texas Mystery from the author of Here Today, Gone Tamale.
Tourists are pouring into the town of Broken Boot for the annual Homestead Days Music Festival. Opening the celebration at Two Boots dance hall is smooth-talking country singer Jeff Clark, the ex-boyfriend of Josie’s best friend, Patti Perez. When the charming Clark woos Patti onstage in an attempt to rekindle some sparks with his old flame, Josie fears her friend will end up as just one more notch on the singer’s guitar strap.
To impress her editor at the Broken Boot Bugle, Josie and her Chihuahua, Lenny, pursue the singer to Patti’s house, hoping for an interview. Instead, they discover Clark facedown in a bowl of guacamole with a bloodied guitar at his side. With Patti suddenly a murder suspect, Josie must use her reporter skills to find out who had a chip on their shoulder—before the killer double dips....



If you liked book one, HERE TODAY, GONE TAMALE, you’re going to love this second offering in the Taste of Texas Mystery series.

It was so fun to be back in Broken Boot, Texas. With me being an “I love cold weather” kind of gal, this series allows me to enjoy the Texas climate. Of course I wouldn’t enjoy it half as much without main character Josie Callahan and her best friend Patti Perez. These two besties get into a little bit of everything. Even murder Come on, it is a mystery after all. ;-) Oh, I almost forgot, Lenny, Josie’s Chihuahua I just love that pup!

Like its predecessor, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE GUACOMOLE is a witty, wonderfully written mystery with eclectic characters and plenty of mayhem to keep the reader glue to their seats. From the discovery of the victim, through the investigation, until the shocking reveal, if I wasn’t holding my breath, I was laughing out loud. Author Rebecca Adler knows how to really bring it.

You’re going to want to read THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE GUACAMOLE.

This book includes growling tummy inducing recipes!


Book 3 in the Greek To Me Mysteries
by Susannah Hardy

The new Greek to Me Mystery from the author of Olive and Let Die and Feta Attraction

The Bonaparte House is closed for the season, and Georgie Nikolopatos looks forward to fixing up the Greek restaurant and historic landmark—until her renovation plans hit a fatal snag.
With her divorce underway, her mother-in-law returning to Greece, and the tourists gone, Georgie finally has life under control—and the Bonaparte House to herself. She quickly hires a contractor for some much-needed renovations to reopen in time for a special Greek-style Thanksgiving meal. Georgie is suspicious though when former dishwasher Russ Riley arrives with the construction crew. He still has an axe to grind with the Nikolopatos family—but is it sharp enough to kill?
When Georgie finds the body of her divorce lawyer amid the construction debris and Russ is quickly arrested for murder, something about the case doesn’t add up. While Georgie is no fan of Russ, even a bad egg deserves a crack at justice.

Includes delicious Greek recipes!


This installment in the GREEK TO ME Mysteries is a perfect dish to this so far three course series.

I know next to nothing about Greek food other than what I have learned from this series. Well, I did know they serve lamb, but, well, no that you on that.

Author Susannah Hardy’s writing has really grown from her first two books in this series, making A KILLER KEBAB an even stronger, intense mystery. But I have to admit, it isn’t my favorite in the series. The writing is just as good, and the plot was on point, but something wasn’t clicking for me. That being said, I still want to read the next book, because as a whole, I do enjoy the series.

If you have read the first two books, do give A KILLER KEBAB try.

This book also includes some tasty Greek recipes, and an author’s note about Thousand Island Dressing!


Book 6 in the Black Cat Bookstore Mysteries
by Ali Brandon

The New York Times bestselling author of Plot Boiler takes us back to Pettistone’s Fine Books, where Hamlet the cat isn’t the only shadowy figure lurking around the Brooklyn brownstone…
As Thanksgiving approaches, Darla Pettistone is preparing for the busiest shopping season of the year. They’ve recently launched their online store, where one anonymous bidder is offering a suspiciously high price for an antique book—and Darla doesn’t need Hamlet’s special senses to know that something isn’t quite right. 
However, there’s no time to think about that after Darla’s roped into helping bridezilla Connie Capello get ready for her big day. After looking at wedding dresses, Darla and Connie head to an antique store to find her “something old”—but they find someone dead instead. When Darla learns that the shop carried a copy of the book that her mysterious bidder is after, she suspects she’ll need Hamlet’s help to discover who penned the poor soul’s final chapter, before someone else is read their last rites…


Fans are going to enjoy this latest installment of the Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries.

Anyone following this series from the beginning is going to delight in, TWICE TOLD TAIL. Darla Pettistone and her black cat, Hamlet are back, and that can only mean one thing . . . murder. Okay, it also means trouble for Darla, mischievous antics from Hamlet, and a fresh new mystery for readers to try and solve.

In this book, protagonist Darla hears from someone from her past, and I’m curious to see where that will lead. Bridezilla Connie Capello, soon to be wife to Darla’s ex-boyfriend NYPD Detective Reese, was written with a perfect pain-in-the-neck-bride-on-the-edge feel. And as in the previous book, I simply adore goth Robert who runs the new coffee bar at Darla’s bookstore, Pettistone’s Fine Books.

Author Ali Brandon brings to TWICE TOLD TAIL, the same crisp writing style as her first five book in this series. Without long, draw out descriptions, she takes readers through each part of the story with a sense that each new scene to come will add more mayhem while still leading us to the inevitable reveal.

If you enjoyed your last trip to Pettistone’s, you’re going to want to pick up a copy of TWICE TOLD TAIL.

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