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SEAMS LIKE MURDER by Betty Hechtman
GONE WITH THE WITCH by Heather Blake

Book 10 in the Wishcraft Mysteries
by Betty Hechtman

The national bestselling author of Knot Guilty is back, as Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers get a dangerous lesson on crafty criminals...
Knitting and crocheting books are selling like crazy at the bookstore where Molly works, so to keep the customers coming, she sets up a series of classes where the Tarzana Hookers can pass on their skills to others: a Yarn University. The only problem is the teacher of the most popular seminar—Sheila—is getting a massive case of stage fright about being in front of a crowd.
To ease Sheila’s nerves, the Hookers plan a practice class at crocheter CeeCee’s mansion. But before the lesson begins, Molly and the gang stumble upon a dead body in the apartment above CeeCee’s garage. Now, Molly must unravel the clues to find a killer quickly—or school might be out forever...

Delicious recipes & crochet patterns included!


SEAMS LIKE MURDER is knot to be missed by Hecthman fans!

Ten books in, and going strong, author Betty Hechtman still has some surprises up her sleeves. Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers find that out very quickly in this latest installment of the Crochet Mysteries.

Fast paced, and full of surprises, SEAMS LIKE MURDER had me quickly turning the page in anticipation of each new chapter, and I was never disappointed. Each chapter only served to entice me to keep reading until the exciting conclusion.

Ms. Hechtman know exactly what her fans want, and she once again delivers!

Take a peek at the back of the book for recipes, crochet patterns, and a look at GONE WITH THE WOOL, the newest Yarn Retreat Mystery by Betty Hechtman.


Book 21 in the Shelia Malory Mysteries 
by Hazel Holt

Arson and murder in the English countryside from the author of Mrs. Malory and a Necessary End . . .
In the wake of a reporter’s death, biographer Sheila Malory must dig through the remnants of his life to discover the devil in the details . . .
Sheila’s friend, larger-than-life Eva Jackson, has returned to the village of Taviscombe after losing her husband, Alan. A foreign correspondent, Alan reported on dangerous stories around the world from Libya to Afghanistan—but the cause of his death was more mundane: kidney failure in a London hospital. Still, he led a storied life, and much of his past lies in his writings, papers, and books now boxed away in Eva’s garage.
After Eva decides to compile a book of Alan’s unpublished works, a fire mysteriously breaks out in the garage. Then Eva meets a suspicious end, leading Sheila to wonder if there’s a killer at large in their charming Devon countryside . . .


A quaint British cozy.

I have to admit, this is the first book I’ve read in the Sheila Malory series. If it hadn’t been given to me to review, I may have never heard of it, and that would have been a real shame.

MRS. MALORY AND DEATH IS A WORD reminds me so much of the lovely traditional English mysteries both in print, and on the small screen…intelligent, and charming.

The plot was well written, not the most exciting I have ever read, buy enjoyable, and this may sound strange, it was comfortable.

This is the last book on the Sheila Malory Mysteries. Sadly, author Hazel Holt passed away in 2015.

I would recommend this book to English and/or traditional cozy mysteries, who also like a quick read. 


Book 6 in the Wishcraft Mysteries 
by Heather Blake

The national bestselling author of Some Like It Witchy returns as wish-granting witch Darcy Merriweather is put to the test after murder takes first prize at a pet show. . . .
Darcy and her dog Missy are determined to put their best foot forward at the Enchanted Village’s annual Pawsitively Enchanted pet contest. She’s happy to lend a hand when the show’s organizer hires Darcy to keep an eye on things among growing suspicions that someone is sabotaging the event. But Darcy’s quest for justice is thrown off the scent when her lead suspect is found dead at the competition.
As if a murder weren’t bad enough, someone begins snatching up prize-winning pets right from under their owners’ noses. Darcy is determined to protect the pampered participants at whatever cost. But she’ll have to work fast to sniff out the thief before she becomes the next victim of a killer determined to stop her dead in her tracks...


A magical installment in the Wishcraft Mystery series.

Things are as enchanting as ever in the Enchanted Village. Well, you know, with the exception of a dead body. But that’s all part of the fun isn’t it? You know, for us readers. J

It’s mystical mayhem in the village when a pet contest brings death, and pup-napped pooches! Never fear, Darcy Merriweather is on hand to solve the case.

With a stunning blend of mystery, magic, and excitement, GONE WITH THE WITCH is the perfect potion of a para-cozy mystery. The story flows at a delightful pace, is engaging, wonderfully written, and is guaranteed to keep readers spellbound.

Check out the back of the book for a sneak peek of THE WITCH AND THE DEAD!

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