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NUTS AND BURIED by Elizabeth Lee 
OLIVE AND LET DIE by Susannah Hardy

Book 3 in the Nut House Mystery series 
by Elizabeth Lee 

Lindy Blanchard has enough on her hands at her family’s Texas nut farm with her new strain of pecan trees dying. Trouble is, people are dying too.  In a nutshell, it’s murder—from the author of Snoop to Nuts

The Blanchards are invited to the gala event of the season. Lindy’s wealthy friend Eugene Wheatley—who’s just nuts about his new bride—is throwing a party to introduce his wife Jeannie to Riverville, Texas, society. The celebration is in full swing when Eugene is found shot dead.

Jeannie and her unscrupulous kin are the prime suspects, but the Blanchards aren’t convinced. Lindy and her meemaw Miss Amelia have heard just about enough from the local gossips gathering at the Nut House family store to realize that Jeannie needs their help. And when somebody shoots at Lindy during the investigation, things get real personal. Lindy and Miss Amelia are determined to unmask the killer party crasher and shell out some Texas-style justice…


Don’t shell…I mean, don’t shy away from reading NUTS AND BURIED, a fun and salty mystery.

I never thought I’d read about characters nuttier than my family, but the ones in this book knocked my family right out of their tree. Lindy Blanchard, the series lead, is a strong willed lady in an equally strong willed, if a little odd, family. It’s not a good idea to mess with the Blanchards. The entire town of Riverville, Texas is a pretty wild and quirky bunch. You can tell author Elizabeth Lee has a lot of fun penning her stories.

A book that is sure to fly off the shell-ves, NUTS AND BURIED was a good mystery that had me questioning so many more things than whodunit. There was a lot going on and so many suspects. The ending came together nicely into a reveal that I didn’t see coming. 

I look forward to watching the Nut House Mystery series grow.

Check out the back of the book for over half dozen pecan recipes!


Book 2 in the Greek To Me Mystery series 
by Susannah Hardy

The second Greek to Me Mystery from the author of Feta Attraction

As manager of the Bonaparte House, a historic landmark and Greek restaurant in upstate New York, Georgie Nikolopatos knows her local legends—and her traditional Greek recipes are to die for.

Between her soon-to-be ex-husband Spiro coming out of the closet and her budding romance with Captain Jack Conway, Georgie’s life is beginning to feel like a soap opera.  And that’s before a surprise visit from her estranged mother Shirley, better known as soap star Melanie Ashley. But the dramatic family reunion takes a chilling turn when another long-lost relative turns up dead.

Just outside Spiro’s new restaurant, Georgie and Melanie find the body of Doreen Webber—a cousin Georgie never knew she had. With Spiro’s partner Inky on the list of suspects, Georgie begins to wonder what else her mother may be hiding. Is the dead-broke diva capable of murder?  She’d better find out before someone adds a new twist to the family plot.

Includes delicious Greek recipes!


OLIVE AND LET DIE is a delicious installment to the Greek To Me Mystery series.

Author Susannah Hardy has penned a strong and complex story with OLIVE AND LET DIE. A perfect second book in this series. Well written and thought-out, Ms. Hardy really delivers an intriguing tale with a lot of twists. So much happens in the last few chapters of this book. A lot of excitement and drama.

Protagonist Georgie Nikolopatos is a smart and determined character. She knows what she wants and goes for it. There is also an array of supporting characters that are both likeable and not so likeable to get to know. But they are all written well and they each add just the right touch to this story.

If you liked FETA ATTRACTION, book one in this series, you’re going to love OLIVE AND LET DIE. Haven’t read the first book? You can start with this one and not feel lost.

Don’t forget to check out the back of this book for some wonderful recipes! 

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