Monday, November 16, 2015

An Amish Mystery series Short Story 
by Laura Bradford 

Claire Weatherly has come to respect how the Amish of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, value tradition. But not all traditions are necessarily quaint. When a decades-old mystery threatens the well-being of local police detective Jakob Fisher, she’ll pit herself against a community rooted in the past so that he can get on with his future. When Claire decides to visit the one-room schoolhouse Jakob attended as a young Amish boy, she’s puzzled by his refusal to go along too. As Jakob tells his story, Claire is stunned and saddened by the heartbreaking tale of a childhood mistake that led to the mysterious disappearance of a precious family artifact—and signaled the first break between Jakob and his mother, made all the more painful now that he’s been shunned by the family and community he loves. Knowing there’s only one way to help heal the irreparable wound that continues to haunt Jakob, Claire sets off to follow the trail of the missing heirloom, never suspecting that it will lead her to Jakob’s oldest friend, a long-ago Christmas secret, and an enduring truth about family, love, and the power of forgiveness

Praise for the National Bestselling Amish Mysteries 

“The best cozy mystery debut I’ve read this year.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben 

“Delightful . . . Well-portrayed characters and authentic Amish lore make this a memorable read.” —Publishers Weekly 

“A fascinating cozy that showcases the culture of the people.” —Gumshoe Review 

“Bradford’s characters are some of the best developed, most interesting ones I’ve come across in a cozy mystery.” —Lesa’s Book Critiques 

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The Amish Mystery series by author Laura Bradford has been one of my very favorite series since I started reading cozies.  This wonderful short story is a perfect addition.

A CHRISTMAS MOURNING, is a beautiful, heartwarming story. A light mystery dealing with the character Jacob. But we also get to see all our favorite characters from this fantastic series.

Laura Bradford’s writing draws you into her stories and makes you feel a part of them. Every description transports you to the place she speaks of.  You are in Heavenly, Pennsylvania. You hear the sounds, smell the smells, see the sights. You live the story as you read it. Only an author of Ms. Bradford’s caliber can truly bring a story to life.

A CHRISTMAS MOURNING is a must read for every reader of this series. If you haven’t read the Amish Mystery series, please, start them as soon as you can. They are truly magnificent.

I’ve been looking forward to reading book 5 in this series, A CHURN FOR THE WORSE for some time now. After reading A CHRISTMAS MOURNING, I’m even more excited!

Speaking of
Book 5 in the Amish Mystery series
by Laura Bradford
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The national bestselling author of Suspendered Sentence returns to  Heavenly, Pennsylvania, where shop owner Claire Weatherly and Detective Jakob Fisher must put on their thinking kapps to solve a string of robberies and a murder in the Amish community...

When an Amish farmer is found dead in his barn, his family accepts his death as God’s will. But Detective Jakob Fisher knows the farmer didn’t hit himself in the head with the shovel lying beside his body. And when it comes to light that a stranger appeared at the farmer’s home and now money is missing from their milk can, Fisher suspects robbery as the motive—especially when another Amish family is victimized.
Getting to the truth proves difficult, however, since Fisher has two strikes against him in the eyes of the Amish—his chosen career, and the Amish roots he left behind. Desperate to stop a murderous thief, Fisher turns to Heavenly Treasures shop owner Claire Weatherly for help. The trust she’s earned from the Amish community enables her to go where the detective cannot—straight into the path of a killer...

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Releases March 1, 2016!

The Amish Mystery series 
by Laura Bradford

Book One                                   Book Two 

Book Three                                  Book Four

           Short Story                               Book Five
                                                         Available March 1, 2016 

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  1. I have enjoyed this series and definitely hope to read more about the Amish. Our family loves to go to Lancaster County on summer vacations.and enjoy this beautiful area so much. Great books by Laura Bradford.depicting this wonderful way of life.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I am so happy you enjoyed the short story. And ceblain, thank you, as well!!

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I love reading Christmas-themed cozies during November/December.

  4. Thanks for posting, sounds like a great book and series.

  5. Thank you Lisa. I am looking forward to reading the books in this series.