Friday, July 10, 2015

Cozy Food Friday!

That means it's time to share a recipe from 
another great cozy mystery!

Today I'm featuring a recipe from
Granny Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt
of the Fuchsia Minnesota Mystery series
Julie Seedorf

Book 4
now available!

Granny has a new weapon––a pink pitchfork! And just in time! A trip to her old farm ends in Granny forking a dead body in her silo. When the body turns out to be Granny’s long lost love Robert Blackford, Granny is flabbergasted. When her devious twin sister, Amelia, the very person who stole Robert from Granny many years ago, shows up searching for her long lost son, Granny reluctantly agrees to help her find him. Of course, Granny’s fiancĂ©, Franklin Gatsby, is concerned for Granny’s welfare and doesn’t like it when she goes out sleuthing––one of Granny’s favorite activities. So, Franklin starts to follow Granny everywhere she goes to protect her. But Granny is determined to find out who killed her former boyfriend, so along with her gal pals and her menagerie of pets, she sets a trap and soon––GRANNY FORKS A FUGITIVE

I was speaking to author Julie Seedorf about recipes and Cozy Food Friday. She said that her Fuchsia books don't have recipes in them. While were talking about what to do, Granny butted in.....I mean, spoke up and said something along the lines of..."Fiddlesticks! Don't need no recipe in the book to put on on that blog thing!" And then Granny handed me a scrap of paper stained with oil, chocolate, egg yolk, and other unidentifiable spots. 

So  today's recipe is from   
Granny Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt
as she has adapted from
The Taste Of Home 160 Rich and 
Creamy Favorites Cheesecake and More  

Candy Bar Mishmash  Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

On a side note: Julie and Granny couldn't decide on when to bake the cheesecake, if they wanted to use all the toppings or just some. When I left them, it was too late for me to wait for photos of the finished product. 
So, all photos were borrowed from Google Images and will give you idea of how your cheesecake can look.

1 ¼ Cups Graham Cracker Crumbs
¼ Cup Sugar
¼ Cup crushed cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies
6 Tblp melted butter
¾ C Creamy Peanut Butter

3 packages (8 ounces each) Cream Cheese Softened
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Sour Cream
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs lightly beaten
1 cup hot fudge ice cream topping divided

3 Peanut Butter cups, cut into small wedges
2 heath bars chopped
1 grated Snickers Bar
M & M Mini Chocolate Baking Bits – Use the amount you think looks cute
Caramel Ice Cream Topping -optional


      In a large bowl combine the cracker crumbs, sugar, cookie crumbs and butter.
      Press onto the bottom and 1 inch up the sides of a greased 9-inch springform pan. Place on a baking sheet.

      Bake at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes or until set. Cool on a wire rack.

      In a microwave-safe bowl, heat peanut butter on high for 30 seconds or until softened. Spread over crust to within 1 inch of edges.

      In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Beat in sour cream and vanilla. Add eggs; beat on low speed just until combined.

      Pour 1 cup into a bowl; set aside. Pour remaining filling over peanut butter layer.
      In a microwave, heat ¼ cup fudge topping on high for 30 seconds or until thin; fold into reserved cream cheese mixture.

      Carefully pour over filling; cut through with knife to swirl.

      Return pan to baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 55-65 minutes or until center is almost set.

      Cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Carefully run a knife around edge of pan to loosen; cool 1 hour longer.

      Microwave remaining fudge topping for 30 seconds or until warmed; spread over cheesecake.

      Garnish with peanut butter cups. Chop Heath Bars and spread over top of cheesecake. Grate the Snickers Bar, you can do more than one according to your taste and spread over top. Add M& M Mini’s according to your liking.

      If you like it a little more gooey microwave some caramel topping and drizzle over chocolate on top of cheesecake.

      Use your imagination when creating your cheesecake.

      Refrigerate overnight.

Oh my goodness. I don't care which version I get. I just want a big piece of it!

Julie and Granny finally compromised and went with a Heath Bar topping with fudge drizzle. 
This is their photo...

Now I'm even hungrier! 

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Granny grabbed Ditty Belle's arm and put her finger to her lips, motioning Ditty Belle to be quiet. She motioned they should both lay flat on the loft so Silas couldn't see them from down below. 

Ditty Belle mouthed the word, "Why?" to Granny, but Granny just shook her head. 

Also available in the 
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  1. That cover is hilarious! I take it that burlap bag isn't a standard pinata...

    The cheesecake sounds so good - if a little rich! :)

    Check out my 56 and my current giveaway.

    1. Do you allow Granny's on your site? I want my friends to be rich.

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Lauren. Heading over to yours now!

  2. I'm drooling. That recipe looks so good!

    1. Hey Mark! LOL The recipe looks so good it makes me teeth hurt! I'll be heading to your blog soon!

  3. Not sure about the book but the cheesecake looks yummy.

    1. Not being sure is the allure. It's ok, maybe you'll like Granny another day. Nice to meet you and be able to greet you.

    2. Hi Anne. Granny's books are hysterical. I don't have my review ready yet or I would have posted it. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I know that I am drooling over the cheesecake! It looks amazing, and now I am craving it. Thank you for sharing the recipe. :)

    1. Hi Jen. I'm not a real big cheesecake fan. At least not the plain one. I has a piece of a Snickers cheesecake once and I was in heaven, so I know I'd love this one!

  5. I think I may have gained 15 pounds reading that recipe!

    1. LOL Karen. I hear you! I gained 15 reading it and 15 posting it. But it was soooooo worth it!

  6. Granny sounds quite feisty!

    My Friday post:

    1. Clever and feisty is my name. Catching crooks is my game. Nice to meet you Catherine.

    2. Hey Catherine! Granny is very feisty. She's also someone you'd want on your side and not against you. ;-) Heading to your blog now.

  7. Sounds like a fun series. The recipe sounds good too but perhaps a little too sweet for me. My BB and 56 this week come from The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you Kathy, we Fuchsotans are a fun lot. Don't tell anyone but Delight Delure made the cheesecake because when I tried it, I forgot the sugar, accidentally put prunes on top and added lemon juice. Maybe you would like a piece it's a little more sour than the recipe I stole from Delight..

    2. Hi Kathy. I think it would be a lot of sweet. But I think there are ways to cut that other than Granny's suggestions of prunes and lemon juice. ;-) Heading over to your blog now.

  8. Replies
    1. Cora, having read the other books, I could really picture Granny doing that. And it just got funnier from there. I just visited your blog and I love it.

  9. Lisa, Granny sent this message. You know how she is, when she sets her mind to something you can't stop her. "Thank you Lisa for featuring my cheesecake. It give you energy to hook a crook, read a book, snow a sneak, and not be weak, skewer a scoundrel and adopt a mongrel, fork a fugitive so all can live, safely and sweetly, you don't have to be neatly. Life's a ball, don't let old age make you believe all you can do is crawl. Say hi to Emmy from the shysters and the cohorts." Granny.

    1. Hi Julie! Please pass a message back to Granny for me. "Granny, thank you for sharing the recipe with me. I may not have given you so much credit for it if I knew you has swiped it from your friend, Delight Delure. But thank goodness you passed us her recipe and not yours with the prunes and lemon juice! Have a great weekend, Granny, and stay out of mischief." And you have a great weekend as well, Julie!

    2. And Emmy sends a wag of the tail to all of you, Granny and Julie!

  10. This is the first time I don't think the recipe is for me... lol... blown away by that actually, but the book looks like it's full of laughs! Happy weekend!

    1. LOL Freda. It had to happen sometime! ;-) This series is wonderfully fun!

  11. That cheesecake looks delicious! And the book sounds like a hoot!

    1. Vicki, the cheesecake make my tum growl. And the book is a hoot!

  12. Thanks, Lisa and Julie! You ROCK, Granny! :)

    1. Hey there, Pat! Granny rocks in more ways than one! Have a great weekend!

  13. The cheesecake looks delicious and the book sounds hilarious! What a great combination!

    1. Katherine, the cheesecake makes me so hungry. And the book is hysterical!

  14. What luscious looking cheesecakes, Julie and Lisa! Yum!

    1. Hi Susan. LOL Today's Cozy Food Friday has given me crazy cravings. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Finished Granny Forks A Fugitive last night. Wow, just Wow! A must read! Granny really gets through some wild and crazy plans. Again a must read!

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    Here is my Friday 56:

  17. Yum YUm! I went and had two nips of cheesecake after those pictures. LOL Seriously!
    I have the first and second Granny book. I'll grab the others too as it's nearing the top of my summer reading list.
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