Thursday, July 2, 2015

I have interviewed authors, and blogger/reviewers 
and I look forward to doing many more. But there is another important people that I think we should know more about. 
The Readers!

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a lady that has been so sweet to me. She adores reading cozy mysteries as much as I do, and she visits my blog every day! 

Please enjoy my interview with bibliophile 
Patricia Wolfe Tucker!

Patricia and Ming

LKBR: Hi Pat! It’s great having you here!

PWT:  Thanks, Lisa.  Glad to be here!

LKBR: What was the first cozy mystery you read?

PWT:  A Fatal Appraisal, by J.B. Stanley (now Ellery Adams) but I didn’t know it as a cozy, then (2006).


LKBR: How did you learn about cozy mysteries?

PWT:  I’ve always liked mysteries but got fed up with the bad language, sex and violence in so many books.  I started searching for something different and found the cozy mystery genre.  Then, I found cozy mystery blogs (yours and a few others) and I was hooked!

LKBR: How long have you been reading cozies?

PWT:  In earnest, since the summer of last year (2014).  They are my go-to books for reading, now.

LKBR: What does reading cozies mean to you? How do they make you feel?

PWT:  Cozies mean a book I can relax with.  There’s a mystery to solve and I feel good when it’s finished.  I don’t have to worry about being depressed by violence, sex and gore.

LKBR: Cozy mysteries often feature pets. Do you have any pets of your own? What are they?

PWT:  I LOVE pets in cozies, especially cats!  I have four cats (two tuxedos and two tortoiseshell) and three mixed-breed dogs (Buddy, the oldest, is 16.) 


LKBR: Do you leave reviews? If yes, for all the books you read or just the ones you liked?

PWT:  Yes, I leave reviews.  I try to review every book I read.  I have, in the past, not reviewed a book I couldn’t finish.  If you don’t read it, how can you rate it?  I can only recall one 3-star review, I’ve given, in the past year and that book caused me to change genres (so maybe I s/b grateful).

LKBR: What has your experience in the Facebook cozy community been like for you?

PWT:  I actually created my Facebook page to connect to cozy authors and have found them to be a great group of people.  I especially like how supportive they are of each other.  I can honestly say some are good friends, now. 

LKBR: What other genres do you enjoy reading?

PWT:  Christian fiction/mysteries by authors like Vannetta Chapman.  One of her series is being described as cozy mysteries, by some, even though in the Christian genre.
LKBR: Bookstores, on-line shopping, or libraries . . . which is your favorite way to acquire your books?

PWT:  I used to love visiting used book stores (love the smell of old books) but there are very few left.  I, also, used to buy antique books on eBay.  Now, I frequent Barnes & Noble or order from Amazon. 

LKBR: Print or eBook. Which do you prefer?

PWT:  Definitely print but I do read some eBooks.

LKBR: Do you enter in giveaways for books? If yes, have you ever won anything?

PWT:   I do enter giveaways and have been lucky enough to win some!  I don’t enter as often as I used to because I’ve found so many wonderful series it will take me forever to read them all, much less start more new ones.

LKBR: What do you do when you’re not reading?

PWT:  There’s a life other than reading? I don’t watch much television and much prefer reading.  One show I love, though, is Antiques Roadshow on PBS.

Patricia and daughter Melanie

LKBR: If you could say anything to your favorite author (you don’t have to name her/him), what would you say?

PWT:  THANK YOU, for the hours of enjoyment!

LKBR: Buy A Friend A Book Day is August 31. Will you be taking part and buying a book for someone? Will it be a cozy?

PWT:  I plan to and it will be a cozy.  Deciding which one will be the hard part.

LKBR: Thank you, Pat. I loved learning more about you. Happy reading!

PWT:  Thank you, Lisa.  I look forward to visiting your blog every day.  Keep up the good work!

That was so much fun! 
I loved getting to know more about Pat. 

Keep checking back for more interviews!

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  1. Great interview! I enjoy reading about other bibliophiles. Thank you Lisa. :)

  2. Fun to 'meet' a fellow reader! Love the pics of the pets too!

    1. Thank you! I like your dog pic, too!

  3. You are such a great supporter of cozies, Pat! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you, Leann! Your Cats in Trouble mysteries are among my favorite cozies and (I am happy to say) you are one of those people I was able to become friends with, on Facebook, (for which I'm grateful).

  4. Thank you, Lisa! This is just awesome! Your blog is something I look forward to reading and you have helped me find so many wonderful books and authors. You are a walking/talking cozy doll (and sweet, too)! :)

  5. Great interview (even if I am biased by being the daughter of the interviewee). :)

  6. As a cozy writer, I really enjoyed reading Pat's thoughts on cozy mysteries. And I love that she writes reviews on them, too. That's the way to any author's heart! :-)

  7. So happy to see you featured here, Patricia! You are one of the sweetest cozy loving cat ladies I know!!!

    1. Thank you, Melissa (and hugs to Truffles)!

  8. This was a wonderful interview, Patricia and Lisa. I enjoyed it very much. It's important not only to learn about authors but readers also and what their likes are. Thank you so much, ladies.

  9. Oh, you distracted me so much with the recipes... I can't read about your the books featured until I sit down with my peach iced tea and scones! :-)