Friday, July 24, 2015


Cozy Food Friday!

That means it's time to share a recipe from 
another great cozy mystery!

Today I'm featuring a recipe from
Book 1 in the Cranberry Cove Mystery series
Peg Cochran

It’s cranberry picking time—in an all-new mystery series from the national bestselling author of the Gourmet De-Lite Mysteries…

When Monica Albertson comes to Cranberry Cove—a charming town on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan—to help her half-brother Jeff on his cranberry farm, the last thing she expects to harvest is a dead body.

It seems that Sam Culbert, who ran the farm while Jeff was deployed overseas, had some juicy secrets that soon prove fatal, and Jeff is ripe for the picking as a prime suspect. Forming an uneasy alliance with her high-maintenance stepmother, Monica has her hands full trying to save the farm while searching for a killer. Culbert made plenty of enemies in the quaint small town…but which one was desperate enough to kill?


Available for pre-order 
Release date: Tuesday, August 4!

Peg is so excited about the release of her first book in the Cranberry Cove Mystery series, 
she want to not only share a recipe from the book, but all giveaway a copy!

For your chance to win a copy of 
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On to the recipe!


Cranberries are one of the three fruits native to North America (the others are the Concord grape and blueberries.)  They are packed full of vitamin C and whalers used to carry them on their ships to prevent scurvy. Cranberries are grown in bogs which are flooded during harvest.  The berries are beaten from the vines and float to the surface thanks to air pockets inside the berries. 

Researching cranberries was so much fun! I visited a bog in Michigan and watched the harvest.  The sun glancing off the brilliant red of the cranberries in the flooded bog made a picture I’ll never forget!  And so was the look on the farmer’s face when I asked him what he’d do if a body floated up with the cranberries!  He did not have an answer for that. 

And cranberries are not just for Thanksgiving!  They are wonderful in many recipes.  Monica, the character in my Cranberry Cove series—Berried Secrets debuts on August 4—uses them in this recipe for coffee cake.



¼ lb. butter softened
1 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ pint sour cream
2 cups sifted flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
1 ½ cups fresh cranberries, roughly chopped. 


½ cup chopped nuts (walnuts or pecans)
½ cup shredded coconut
½ cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon


Mix topping ingredients in a bowl and set aside

Cream butter and sugar together until light.  Beat in eggs, vanilla and sour cream one at a time.  Sift together dry ingredients in a separate bowl and add to wet mixture one third at a time.  Fold in cranberries.

Spread half the batter in a greased and floured tube pan.  Sprinkle with half the topping.  Spread remaining batter on top and sprinkle with remaining topping.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.  Let cool in the pan before removing.

All food photos from Google Images. Your dish may very in appearance.

With a nice cup of coffee or tea. 
Or for this hot weather a glass of iced coffee or iced tea. 

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My Book Beginnings and Friday 56
 for this week are also from 

Release Date: Tuesday, August 4!

Stop by my web site to read about my other series—Gourmet De-Lite, Sweet Nothings (written as Meg London) and the Lucille Series.  I also have a page on Facebook:  I’d love to see you there! ~ Peg

Book Beginnings on Fridays is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader
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My Book Beginnings this week...

Monica Albertson coaxed her ancient Ford Focus up the last hill, past the boarded-up vegetable stand, the abandoned barn and the Shell Station. As usual, she paused at the crest. Cranberry Cove was spread out before her---a view that still thrilled her, even though it hand been five weeks since she'd fled Chicago for this idyllic retreat on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. 

From her vantage point, Monica could see the sparkling blue waters of the lake and the horseshoe-shaped harbor, where several white sails bobbed in the wind. The Cranberry Cove Yacht Club, where wealthy summer visitors sat on the deck sipping cold drinks, was a speck on the horizon, and the pastel-colored shops that lined Beach Hollow Road were bathed in a soft light by the early morning sun. 

Monica took her foot off the brake and rolled down the hill toward the town, relishing the cool breeze from her open window and the warmth of the sun on her arms. 

The Friday 56 is a meme hosted by Freda's Voice
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My Friday 56 this week...

"You wouldn't happen to be able to give your brother an alibi for that time period would you?"

I'm reading this now and I am loving it! I was hoping to have it finished and a review written for this post, but I was able too. I will have my review posted in the next few days. 

I can tell you this, it is a wonderful book. A great start to a new series! 


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  1. Thank you for the coffee cake recipe (I have never used cranberries in coffee cake it looks good! Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! It sounds like a lot of fun!

    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lauren. Heading to your blog now!

  3. Hi!
    Sounds like a great book. The recipe sounds yummy. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Sherrie. The book is wonderful! Thanks for visiting.

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  5. I am looking forward to this release! Thanks for the info and cake recipe!

    1. Trust me, the book is worth the wait! Thanks for checking out the blog today!

  6. I love the cover and cozies. I immediately thought of the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

    1. Sherry. I've never seen a bog, but Peg has done such an awesome job of describing it, I felt like I was there! Heading to your blog now.

  7. Both the book and the recipe sound good. I dug deep on my TBR mountain to find Thornyhold by Mary Stewart for this week's book. Happy reading!

  8. That cake looks amazing! I have a couple of Peg Cochran's books but I haven't read them yet. This series looks like another one to add to my list!

  9. That cake looks delicious. I always leave your post hungry for something. LOL And Peg is a new author. The cover and title are fun and I do love a good cozy:)

    Here's my 56 and it's a cozy too -

  10. This sounds like a delightful cozy. The cranberry coffee cake looks yummy too.
    My Friday post features The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty.

  11. The cake sounds delicious and I can't wait to read this new book! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  12. Looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe and the giveaway!

  13. Since living in MA since I went off to college and then was married and lived in MA for well over 50 years, we have lived 15 minutes from the area (Plymouth, Wareham, Buzzards Bay, Carver, etc. ) where a vast majority all of the Massachusetts bogs of cranberries are grown. I have always loved making pastry and sauce with cranberries and was determined to read this series by Peg about Michigan cranberries. I would more than love to win this book. If I have no luck, and are not the recipient, I definitely plan on ordering this book. Much luck to Peg with her new release series and thank you for the recipe. I will leave out the coconut due to an allergy to it, but will find a substitute like slivered nuts or something. Have a great weekend everyone.
    Cynthia B

    1. I know that area from summers on the Cape with my parents. We used to stay in Eastham--renting a tiny cottage for a week. My parents moved to the Cape and spent a year living in Orleans, but when my father died, my mother came back to NJ. Cape Cod is where my soul is.

  14. That cake looks yummy. Fun cover and snippet! Happy Friday!

  15. Thanks for the review, Lisa! The book sounds very good!

  16. That coffee cake looks scrumptious!! Thanks for the recipe!
    I like the looks of the cozy too!
    Happy weekend!