Thursday, February 26, 2015

Whodunit Wednesday 

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This week's Whodunit is being hosted by author
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You really want to win a copy, don't you?

Well then, read the Whodunit and get your entries in!


   During a midday visit to the city of Royson, Thomas P. Stanwick, the amateur logician, notice several police cars at the entrance of Bernidi, a small downtown jewelry store. Toying with the tip of his mustache in thoughtful curiosity, he approached and eased his way through the knot on onlookers. His friend Inspector Matt Walker was inside, and he signaled to the policeman at the door to let Stanwick in. 

   "Hello, Tom," exclaimed Walker in mild surprise. "What brings you here?"

   "I was passing by," replied Stanwick. He glanced around the cool, dark interior of the narrow room. "What happened?"

   "I was just about to ask Mr. Bernidi to repeat his story for me."

   The two turned to the small, white-haired owner, who was leaning against one of the two display counters that ran the length of both sides of the room. His face was streaked with dust, and he looked exhausted. 

   "I had just stepped into the back," he said, "when I hear the bell on the front door ring. I come out, and there's this guy, very well dressed, looking around and coming toward me and the register. 'Can I help you?' I say, and he smiles and pulls a gun halfway out of his jacket pocket. A little piece, but I can see it's real. Then he puts it back, but keeps his hand in there. There's nobody else around, so what can I do?"

   "Anyway, he makes me open the register, but I just made a deposit, so there's only a few bucks. He doesn't get mad, but takes a piece of clothesline out of another pocket, ties my hands behind my back, and makes me lie down on my stomach behind the side counter here, with my face to the wall." 

   "It was tight; you can see there's not much room back there. Then I hear him opening wood panels---these here, the lower half of the counter---but he finds nothing. I only keep supplies down there. Then he steps across to open the opposite counter, pulls out a little burlap sack, smashes the glass, scoops some rings into the sack, and runs out. I get up, see the broken glass, and yell for a cop." 

   "What did the man look like?" asked Walker.

   "Like I told the officer---big, burly guy, clean-shaven, dark hair."

   "Don't you have your display glass wired to an alarm?" inquired Stanwick. 

   "Never got around to it. It's insured anyway." 

   "Well, thank you Mr. Bernidi," said Walker, closing his notebook. "We'll check around and let you know when we make an arrest." 

   "I think you can make an arrest right now," said Stanwick. 

Normally I would ask you two questions now.
Who does Stanwick think stole the rings? 
How does he know? 

However, since Stanwick says ..."make an arrest right now" and the only person mentioned in this story is Mr. Bernidi, we are safe in saying, Mr. Bernidi is lying and stole the rings himself. So, today's only question is...

How did Stanwick know Bernidi was lying and stole the rings himself? 

The Whodunit solution will be posted on tomorrow's blog .

I want to thank Staci McLaughlin for hosting this week's Whodunit Wednesday.

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  1. Happy Whodunit-Wednesday, Lisa!

  2. How was he able to get up out of a tight spot if his hands were tied behind him tightly?

  3. Hi Lisa: I really enjoy the Wednesday Whodunit but most often don't get a chance to get my answer is on time, but today, I did. Right or Wrong, I did it!!!! Yeah. I love to keep my mind as sharp as possible, and I really enjoy doing exercises such as this as often as I can. Thanks for helping me to keep alert and sharp as a tack, haha. Cynthia

  4. A HEALTHY HOMICIDE sounds like a fun mystery!

  5. Awesome! I got it right! My address is the same! Thank you Lisa!