Sunday, February 1, 2015


Do you like to solve puzzles?
Do you love to win prizes?
If you said yes to both questions,
you're in the right place! 

It's easy.
Below are five scrambled cozy mystery titles.
Unscramble the titles and enter your answers into 
the Rafflecopter form below.

The more titles you guess correctly, 
the more chances you have to win!

Giveaway is open to US and Canada

This week's Monday Mystery Mashup 
is being hosted by author
Duffy Brown!

Duffy is giving 3 lucky winners 

1 - Geared For The Grave tote
1 - Dead Man Ink Pen
1 - Duffy swag Notepad 

And on February 3 check out Duffy's novella
Book 4 in the Consignment Shop Mystery series
(eBook only)

It’s springtime in Savannah, the azaleas and magnolias are in bloom, and Reagan Summerside’s consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, is bustling with customers out to enjoy the beautiful weather. On a day like today, what could go wrong?

As a mortician beautician and housekeeper, Mercedes is no stranger to corpses or messy bathrooms. But the last thing she expects to find in a client’s bathtub is a dead body! Now she’s a murder suspect and it seems like her life is going down the drain. She turns to local lawyer Walker Boone to get her out of hot water.

But Walker has his own surprising connections to the dead man in the tub, and now he needs Reagan’s help to clear his own name—and keep him alive…

Includes a preview of the Consignment Shop Mystery, Demise in Denim. 

Let's get to unmashing those cozy titles!

1. Teebrt Eshom adn Rcosesp  

2. Fi Nisoon Docul Psgrin Elesk

3. Cibdoe fo Cenedive 

4. Cfnleamo, Nlfa, nda Ttisafilae 

5. Bodeul Udegf Reiwnbo Rmredu 

Please only leave your guesses 
through Rafflecopter

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Duffy Brown

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let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the chance! Always a fun time!

  2. Happy Monday, Lisa...or as happy as any Monday can be. :)

  3. Can't wait for number five! Thanks Lisa and Duffy for the chance to win.

  4. I love your rafflecopter contest game! Something fun for a "snowed in" day! Thank you.

  5. What a good year for books so far! I love Duffy's stories. And of course I love to unjumble the words.