Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ready to learn about a new old series?

Today's new, old series is 
The Lucy Wayles Mystery series 
by author Alice Nestleton 

There are 3 books in this series.

This wonderful series introduces former librarian Lucy Wales, an eccentric birdwatcher with a knack for solving crimes. In this premiere mystery, Lucy investigates the strange death of a fellow birdwatcher.

When Lucy Wayles and the quirky members of her bird-watching crew arrive at a dinner for a famous field guide illustrator, they are just in time to witness him plummet to his death from the hotel's upper floors. The police call it a swan dive, but the unflappable Lucy calls it fowl play. Now she's hatching a plan to catch a killer, but if her scheme goes south--her own goose is cooked!

Amateur sleuth Lucy Wayles and her bird-watching group are surprised by the sudden announcement that one of their members is planning to get married after their morning session of birding. But before the bride can say I do, she's shot down during the ceremony. When the police are unable to find the killer, Lucy hatches a plan to trap the killer herself!

Have you read this one?

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Answer to Whodunit Wednesday


   Sherman went to the doctor's refrigerator and opened the freezer section. "No ice in the ice tray. Just as I suspected. That's how the doctor's last patient got the kettle not to whistle until 12:35. He filled it with ice cubes and put it on a low flame." 

   "You mean the killer was the patient I saw leaving?"

   "Yes. This nut case, as Ms. Gould so aptly put it, was clever enough to make the crime appear to have happened later. He rigged the kettle, opened the tuna, and sliced the apple. He probably even moved the body into the kitchen." 

   "That's a cute theory," Wilson said. "But . . ."

   "Note the oxidated flesh of the apple." Sherman pointed to the browned fruit, then to the fruit knife in the victim's hand. "If the doctor had cut the apple
himself, as we're meant to believe, it couldn't have turned so brown so soon. We discovered the body just minutes after he supposedly cut it."  

LOL, I'm so happy I'm not the one guessing, because I got this one wrong too! 

How do you think you did?

Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for another Whodunit! 


  1. YAY- I was paying attention!
    I forgot to mention the low flame under the teapot, and I never thought about ice, but I got the browning apple!