Saturday, April 9, 2022


Oh , Hi there! Me again, dropping by to say hello, and share a bit of fun personal writing this pre-Easter Weekend.

Spring has sprung where I am on the West Coast and while I am grateful for the longer brighter  evenings , I have spent the last week in bed, sick with all the symptoms of Covid, but not covid if the tests I took are reliable. Three tests, one week and extreme cold symptoms, I am so over it.

Self care is something I do struggle with, a lifetime of being told I was lazy and to only look after others first. This has given me a challenge when it comes to knowing when to "Jump off the Swing".

My tea this week, sign from my sister in law, who is absolutely amazing and one of my best friends.
This is truly me normally, but this week I had to lay in my bed and go down the rabbit hole of Facebook, reels and instagram DIY's. Not all bad actually I found some of my old writing that well,  I thought I might run past you. I would honestly like to know if this would be something that would make you want to keep reading .....

When you start your day in the service of your cat, stagger out of your warm bed to let them out the window and then bash your foot on the fan, opening your toe nail bed and writing in pain your day can only get better right? Now where the heck did I put those bandages.- Karen M. Gibson April 6, 2015

I have Facebook Memories to thank for reminding me of that little early morning writing prompt.

I have so many of these written on paper, in note books, word documents, google documents and backs of  envelopes. With grand plans to write them into the cozy mysteries we all know and love. Let me know if you might like me to continue with this particular chapter. 

 I will check in again tomorrow, new topic....perhaps a new cozy? Oh and is it wrong to pop chores, like on slips of paper you would get in a fortune cookie into some of your teenager's plastic eggs? 

Thanks for joining us here and thank you to Lisa for letting me take over today. Hoping this rambling post has brought a smile or a smirk to your face today. ~ Karen


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  1. Hope you’re feeling much better, Karen.
    Happy Saturday, Lisa and Karen.

    Pat T