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In today's author spotlight, 
I shine my light on wonderful author
Karen Rose Smith!

Karen Rose Smith is writing mysteries as well as romances now! Her plots, whether in mystery or romance, are all about relationships.



August 24 2021




(In no particular order)

The Nanny Clause

Karen Rose Smith’s plots are all about emotion. She began writing when she listened to music and created stories to accompany the songs. After expressing feelings in poetry, earning a degree in English and French, completing short stories that became too long to find a market, she turned to her love of relationships in romance. This award-winning best-selling author has sold over 95 books since 1991 and has published with Silhouette, Harlequin, Kensington and Meteor/Kismet. Her awards include the Golden Leaf in short contemporary romance, the Golden Quill in traditional romance,’s award for Best Special Edition and Best Single Title as well as Romance Review’s Today’s Best series romance award. Jane Bowers of Romance Reviews Today states: “Karen Rose Smith’s storyworlds are complete and realistic and lovely places to visit and revisit. She excels at stories that feature couples brought together by infants and children, and she handles her plots and characters with sublime sensitivity.”

An only child, Karen spent a lot of time in her imagination and with books—Nancy Drew, Zane Gray, The Black Stallion and Anne of Green Gables. She dreamed of brothers and sisters and a big family like her mother and father came from, seven children in her mom’s family and ten in her dad’s. On weekends she was often surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. This is the root of her plotlines that include small communities and family relationships as part of everyday living. She believes universal emotions unite us all and that is the reason she uses them to propel her plots.

Karen is an animal lover and especially a cat lover. She and her husband are cat parents to four rescued felines—London, Zoie Joy, Halo, and Miss Paddington (Paddy) who is growing out of kittenhood. If you’d like to read about Karen’s fur babies and care for strays, follow her on Facebook and/or sign up for her newsletter IN TOUCH


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  1. Thanks, Lisa. Karen’s Daisy’s Tea Garden mysteries is one of my favorite series.
    Happy Friday!
    Pat T