Sunday, February 7, 2021

I dozed off for like 5 minutes, okay, an hour, and I come back to find yet another author has taken over my blog! 

Today, your blog host is author
Larissa Reinhart!


Thank you Lisa & all y’all for letting me celebrate the release of Maizie Albright Star Detective #7, 18 1/2 DISGUISES, with you!

I’m Larissa Reinhart and you might know me from my Cherry Tucker Mystery series. Maizie Albright is my romantic comedy mystery series. Both are set in Georgia where I live, but Cherry’s in a farm town south of Atlanta, and Maizie lives in a lake resort town in the North Georgia Mountains.

Maizie’s also an actress who ended her career in Hollywood with a bang. After starring in a hit detective show as a teenager, things went downhill fast for her as an adult. Maizie was arrested (thanks to her fiancĂ©), a judge gave her probation with the condition she leaves Hollywood to move in with her father and get a job that has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

Naturally, she decides to become a private investigator, her favorite role.

Naturally, the only PI in town, Wyatt Nash, wants nothing to do with her. But she convinces him to let her do surveillance on the wife of a client.

Naturally, Maizie loses the wife on the first day.

Naturally, her monster stage-manager-mother arrives in town to continue filming their reality show despite the judge’s orders, causing even more problems for Maizie.

Naturally, Maizie feels like she might be falling in love with her new boss.

And thus starts her career as a PI.

You can read 15 MINUTES for free! We’ve had the ebook set to free since the pandemic started and unfortunately/fortunately it’s still free! Tap below to read it on your favorite device.





15 MINUTES and most of the series is also available in paperback, hardcover, and the series are now audiobooks, too ( the last 2 books are in production).

You can check them out on Audible:

The 7th book, 18 1/2 DISGUISES, launched this week! What I love about this series is that even though you can read each book alone as a mystery, there’s a long character arc through all the books for Maizie.

Not only is she learning how to become a private investigator, but Maizie’s also learning how to live outside the bubble of her celebrity lifestyle and to become her own person. Plus there’s also the growth of her romantic relationship, which is a lot of fun, too!

In the first book, she serves a subpoena (and gets punched in the nose) to a woman working at a salon. That woman, Tiffany, and the salon receptionist, Rhonda, become her best friends in Black Pine. Maizie relies on them a lot to help her find her way in the “real world.” In 18 1/2 DISGUISES, they play an even more important part of the central mystery.

When 18 1/2 Disguises begins, Maizie’s invited them to join her at a masquerade gala that’s a kickoff for a charity her friend, a retired costume designer, has started. Maizie brings Rhonda to the costume designer’s house and they find her dead.

Naturally. :)

Rhonda is obviously traumatized by the situation and fears the killer might be after her. Maizie not only wants to investigate her friend’s death, but she also needs to figure out the mystery to save Rhonda.

Here’s a little snippet from 18 1/2 DISGUISES:

"I'll see what I can do," I ventured. "I planned on checking in with Detective Mowry today anyway, in case he'd learned anything new since last night. IMHO, the attack was personal."

Rhonda's eyes widened. Tiffany leaned forward. "Who do you think did it?"

"I don't know. Lorena was the most likable person I know. I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill her." 

"Why personal, then?" stammered Rhonda. "Personal how?" 

I lowered my voice. "The scissors in the back gave it away. That's pretty obvious don't you think?" 

"I would never stab someone in the back with scissors," said Tiffany. 

"Of course not—"

"A knife, maybe," she continued. "But something like a hatchet would do more damage. What can stabbing with scissors do? Particularly in the back. Why not the gut? It's softer. Or neck. That would do the trick." 

I glanced at Rhonda. She'd gone ashy again.

"I should go.”


As you can tell, Rhonda and Tiffany also provide a lot of comic relief in the books. Rhonda and Tiffany have become favorite sidekicks among my readers. I love them, too! They’re kind of the Ethel to Maizie’s Lucy. :)

To win an ebook copy of 18 1/2 DISGUISES, tell me your favorite fictional sidekicks.

Want to win a paperback copy? I have a Goodreads Giveaway ending on February 12th:

Thanks so much for having me on, Lisa!

Now I want to hear about your favorite fictional best friends!



For fans of romantic comedy mysteries, Veronica Mars meets Stephanie Plumin the seventh book in The Wall Street Journal bestselling Maizie Albright Star Detective series.

When Maizie finds her costume designer friend killed during a masquerade gala, its the opportunity Maizie hoped shed never get. An investigation into an old friends murder. But one thats also put her new friend in jeopardy.

While the police begin their inquiries, Maizie starts her own case. Shes needling Black Pines wealthy do-gooders, threading through lies, stitching together clues, and ripping out false leads. Her investigation may cost Maizie her job, her relationships, and her life. But by unspooling the truth, Maizies darned if they stop her from catching a killer whos sew evil, its shear madness.

 Find 18 1/2 DISGUISES at your favorite store by clicking here:

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A Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Larissa writes the award-winning Cherry Tucker Mystery, Maizie Albright Star Detective, and Finley Goodhart Crime Caper series. She loves to tell funny stories about sassy, Southern women looking for love (and dead bodies) in all the wrong places.

You might have seen Larissa and her family (and little dog, Biscuit) on HGTV's House Hunters International "Living for the Weekend in Nagoya" episode. She's back in Georgia now. Visit Larissa's website to join her VIP Readers email group and get the free prequel to The Cupid Caper plus other exclusive bonus content!

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  1. Bwahaha! Call me a blog pirate! LOL Seriously, thanks Lisa for letting me take over today!

  2. Can't wait for the opportunity to read "18 1/2 DISGUISES" which is on my TBR list.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. my fave sidekick is Lula ... Stephanie Plum's friend