Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Just a few out today, but they look like good ones.

A Case of Cat and Mouse (Magical Cats Book 12) by [Sofie Kelly] 

A reality TV crew has come to town and brought librarian Kathleen Paulson and her two magical cats more than their fair share of real-life drama, in the newest installment of this New York Times bestselling series.

Spring has come to charming Mayville Heights, and with it, some Hollywood glamour. The little town is abuzz because the reboot of a popular baking TV show is filming there. Librarian Kathleen Paulson is working as an advisor on historical facts for the show, local restaurants are providing catering for the camera crews, and Kathleen's faithful felines, Hercules and Owen, are hoping there is a cat treat challenge.

But then Kathleen finds one of the judges dead. She has solved many-a-murder with help from the supernaturally gifted Herc and Owen, and with the whole town on tenterhooks, the talented trio will have to have all paws on deck to chase down this killer.

Knot a Clue (A Southern Quilting Mystery Book 13) by [Elizabeth Craig]

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go to work.
Dappled Hills is the kind of small town where it’s hard to imagine anything bad happening . . . especially in the fall when the mountain trees are changing. It’s a magical time in the area and Beatrice and Wyatt have been enjoying every minute of it, especially taking their new grandbaby on stroller rides in the crisp autumn air.
So it was quite a jolt when tragedy did strike and Beatrice’s daughter discovered her coworker at the school, murdered.
At first, no one had a clue who could possibly have murdered Petunia Murray. But, as Beatrice dug a little more, she discovered Petunia carried a few secrets. Now Beatrice must piece together the clues before anyone else is sewn up for good.

Passport to Murder: A Collection of Travel Cozy Mystery Shorts by [Traci Andrighetti, Laura Durham, Nikki Haverstock, Lucy Jackson, Zara Keane, Shea MacLeod, Sara Rosett, R.L. Syme]

Eight of your favorite cozy sleuths travel to parts unknown, only to be followed by MORE MURDER! Each short shows a familiar sleuth in a new location, solving a brand new crime. Enjoy!

Titles include:

Mirto Magenta by Traci Andrighetti
To escape a hellish New Orleans summer, PI Franki Amato takes a dream case investigating a theft in Sardinia’s Gulf of Angels. Will she find the culprit and get her slice of beach heaven? Or will dark forces on the island send her to the bottom of a watery inferno?

Jewel of the Aisle by Laura Durham
A destination wedding at a historic Bahamian hotel. A missing diamond ring. A wedding planner who’s vowed to unmask the thief.

Death In The Dormitory by Nikki Haverstock
Archery coach and occasional amateur sleuth Di is looking forward to a relaxing weekend chaperoning a tournament with her Great Dane, Moo. But when a rival's team coach is taken away in an ambulance, Di suspects foul play. How will she prove her suspicion when everyone thinks it’s an accident? 

Goats in the Machine by Lucy Jackson
Mysterious ghosts from the present evoke ghosts from Fancy's past when she joins a friend on a culinary Caribbean adventure.

Darby O’Kill by Zara Keane
Chaperoning a group of seniors around Ireland, I expected a weekend filled with ceilidh music and incontinence pants. Instead, I got whiskey-swilling hard rock devotees…and a corpse.

The Larceny in the Luau by Shea MacLeod
A priceless jewel is stolen during a luau. Can Viola find the culprit before the police arrest the wrong person?

Death In Venice by Sara Rosett
When honeymooning location scouts Kate and Alex visit Venice, they find romance . . . and murder.

Vangie Vale and the Full Metal Frangipane by R.L. Syme
Even after crossing a border, somehow, trouble finds Vangie. The mountains of Western Canada aren’t safe from the full-metal frangipane...

A Case of Cat and Mouse (Magical Cats Book 12) by [Sofie Kelly]   Knot a Clue (A Southern Quilting Mystery Book 13) by [Elizabeth Craig]   Passport to Murder: A Collection of Travel Cozy Mystery Shorts by [Traci Andrighetti, Laura Durham, Nikki Haverstock, Lucy Jackson, Zara Keane, Shea MacLeod, Sara Rosett, R.L. Syme]

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