Monday, June 15, 2020

Hello my friends.
It's that time again. It seems like everywhere I turn there is something not getting done.

I'm behind in my reading, which means I'm behind in my reviewing. And I have a lot of things going that are non book related. 

I have found a chance in my blog schedule to take a break and catch up. I'll be back Sunday, June 18 with new content, and recommending more wonderful books for you all.

I "will" also be giving you a sneak peek into my non book related activities. Something I've been working on and wanting to take to the next step. 

This will be going on during the entire month of June, with the exception of already schedule days. Please stick with me and please be patient with me. I'll miss you here, but I'll be jumping on Facebook from time to time. I mean, really, I can't go cold turkey! 

Love. Hugs. Peace. Health. Joy.
All of these to you and more. 
You are such very important people. 
You're all my VIPs.

See you Thursday, June 18!

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