Saturday, March 21, 2020

New release days are among our favorites, aren't they? How far ahead do you start looking for your next reads? A week? A month? A year? I've always been curious to know.

Well, my friend, Shannon Molloy, not only shared with me her To Be Released list, but she said I could share it with you!

Take a look at the titles Shannon can't wait to read this year (and into the next)!


March 2020                                                              Date 

Sunsets, Sabbatical and Scandal - Tonya Kappes         24
(A Camper and Criminals Mystery)

Anchored Inn - Karen MacInerney                                  29
(A Gray Whale Inn Mystery)

Death of a Blueberry Tart - Lee Hollis                             31
(A Hayley Powell Mystery)

A Fatal Yarn - Peggy Erhart                                                31
(A Knit & Nibble Mystery)

The Pomeranian Always Barks Twice - Alex Erickson  31
(A Furever Pets Mystery)

April 2020

Summerhouse Reunion - Kathi Daley                               14
(An Island Reunion Mystery)

A Case for the Yarn Maker - Candance Havens              16
(An Ainsley McGregor Mystery)

Six Cloves Under - Gin Jones                                              21
(A Garlic Farm Mystery)

Seas the Day - Maggie Toussaint                                        21
(A Seafood Capers Mystery)

Some Like It Shot - Zara Keane                                           21
(A Movie Club Mystery)

Proof of Murder - Lauren Elliott                                         28
(A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery)

The Diva Spices It Up - Krista Davis                                  28
(A Domestic Diva Mystery)

Pumpkin Spice Peril - Jenn McKinlay                                28
(A Cupcake Bakery Mystery)

And the Killer Is………….. - G.A. McKevett                         28
(A Savannah Reid Mystery)

Sugar and Vice Eve Calder -                                                  28
(A Cookie House Mystery)

Pulp Friction Julie Lindsey -                                                 28
(A Cider Shop Mystery)

Murder in the Wine Country- Janet Finsilver                   28
(A Kelly Jackson mystery)

Tents, Trails and Turmoil - Tonya Kappes                        28
(A Camper and Criminals Mystery)

May 2020

Mousse and Murder - Elizbeth Logan                                   5
(An Alaskan Diner Mystery)

Evil by the Sea - Kathleen Bridge                                            5
(A By the Sea Mystery)

A Murderous Misconception - Lorraine Bartlett                 8
(A Victoria Square Mystery)

A Deadly Inside Scoop - Abby Collette                                 12
(An Ice Cream Parlor Mystery)

To Kill a Mocking Girl - Harper Kincaid                               12
(A Bookbinding Mystery)

Death by Auction - Alexis Morgan                                        26
(An Abby McCree Mystery)

A Call for Kelp - Bree Baker                                                    26
(A Seaside Café Mystery)

Killer Chardonnay - Kate Lansing                                         26
(A Colorado Wine Mystery)

All She Wrote - Tonya Kappes                                                26
(A Mail Carrier Mystery)

Red Hot - Dana Dratch                                                             26
(A Red Herring Mystery)

Cast Iron Stake Through the Heart - Jodi Rath                  29
(A Cast Iron Skillet Mystery)

June 2020

The Grim Reader - Kate Carlisle                                            2
(A Bibliophile Mystery)

Booked for Death - Victoria Gilbert                                      9
(A Book Lover’s B&B Mystery)

Nacho Average Murder - Maddie Day                                30
(A Country Store Mystery)

Nothing Bundt Trouble - Ellie Alexander                          30
(A Bakeshop Mystery)

Still Knife Painting - Cheryl Hollon                                     30
(A Paint & Shine Mystery)

Murder in Waiting - Lynn Cahoon                                       30
(A Tourist Trap Mystery)

July 2020

Little Bookshop of Murder - Maggie Blackburn                 7
(A Beach Reads Mystery)

Peachy Scream - Anna Gerard                                                7
(A Georgia B&B Mystery)

The Key Lime Crime - Lucy Burdette                                    7
(A Key West Food Critic Mystery)

Handbook for Homicide - Lorna Barrett                            21
(A Booktown Mystery)

Quiche of Death - Mary Lee Ashford                                    21
(A Sugar & Spice Mystery)

It Cannoli Be Murder - Catherine Bruns                             28
(An Italian Chef Mystery)

Knot of this World - Mary Marks                                         28
(A Quilting Mystery)

Tea & Treachery - Vicki Delaney                                           28
(A Tea by the Sea Mystery)

Death of a Wicked Witch - Lee Hollis                                  28
(A Hayley Powell Mystery)

August 2020

Deadly Drama - Jody Holford                                                4
(A Britton Bay Mystery)

Murder Most Sweet - Laura Walker                                    11
(A Bookish Baker Mystery)

Paw and Order - V.M. Burns                                                 11
(A Dog Club Mystery)

Dough or Die - Winnie Archer                                              25
(A Bread Shop Mystery)

Digging Up the Remains - Julia Henry                               25
(A Garden Squad Mystery)

Boston Scream Murder - Ginger Bolton                             25
(A Deputy Donut Mystery)

15 Minutes of Flame - Christin Brecher                              25
(A Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery)

Killer Kung Pao - Vivien Chien                                             25
(A Noodle Shop Mystery)

Three Treats Too Many - Debra Goldstein                        25
(A Sarah Blair Mystery)

Knit of the Living Dead - Peggy Ehrhart                            25
(A Knit & Nibble Mystery)

Thread and Dead - Elizabeth Penney                                 25
(An Apron Shop Mystery)

Gourd to Death - Kirsten Weiss                                           25
(A Pie Town Mystery)

September 2020
One for the Books - Jenn McKinlay                                      1 
(A Library Lover’s Mystery)

Murder in the Bayou Boneyard - Byron                              8
(A Cajun Country Mystery)

For Whom the Book Tolls - Laura Gail Black                      11
(An Antique Bookshop Mystery)

Varnished Without a Trace - Misty Simon                          29
(A Tallie Graver Mystery)

Christmas Cupcake Murder - Joanne Fluke                        29
(A Hannah Swensen Mystery)

Dying in a Winter Wonderland - Vicki Delany                   29
(A Year Round Christmas Mystery)

Winner Cake All - Denise Swanson                                      29
(A Chef-to-Go Mystery)

Mistletoe, Moussaka and Murder - Tina Kashian              29
(A Kebab Kitchen Mystery)

Veiled in Death - Stephanie Blackmoore                            29
(A Wedding Planner Mystery)

The Corpse Who Knew Too Much - Debra Sennefelder   29
(A Food Blogger Mystery)

Hollyberry Homicide - Sharon Farrow                                29
(A Berry Basket Mystery)

Gingerdead Man - Maya Corrigan                                        29
(A Five Ingredient Mystery)

Candy Slain Murder - Maddie Day                                       29
(A Country Store Mystery)

For Letter or Worse - Vivian Conroy                                    29
(A Stationary Shop Mystery)

Dying in a Winter Wonderland - Vicki Delaney                 29
(A Year Round Christmas Mystery)

October 2020

A Page Marked for Murder - Lauren Elliott                       27
(A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery)

November 2020

A Whisker of a Doubt - Cate Conte                                       24
(A Cat Café Mystery)

Premeditated Mortar - Kate Carlisle                                   24
(A Fixer Upper Mystery)

December 2020

A Deadly Edition - Victoria Gilbert                                      8
(A Blue Ridge Library Mystery)

February 2021

Big Little Spies - Krista Davis                                               23
(A Paws & Claws Mystery)

October 2021

Murder Outside the Lines - Krista Davis                            26
(A Pen & Ink Mystery)


Wow! What a great list of books! Most of them are on my list as well, but I learned of some titles I didn't know about!

I forgot to ask Shannon where she searches to find her new releases. How about you? Do you have a site or sites where you go to search for new releases?

A big thank you to Shannon for sharing with us today.

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  1. That’s a lot of reading, Lisa! Happy Saturday, to you.

  2. thank you for this list. i wish i knew of a place to find a list like this