Saturday, August 10, 2019

I'm on the road today with my sisters!
That look on my face up there isn't anger. It's determination!

Where are we going?

Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts
110 W. Finney Avenue
Suffolk, Virginia 23434

Today, August 10
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

There are going to be so many wonderful authors!

The 2019 roster of authors includes:

Betsy Ashton,     E.A. Aymar,     Christy Barritt, Catherine Bruns,     Ellen Butler,     Lynn Cahoon, Austin Camacho,     Lynn Chandler Willis,             Maya Corrigan,     Mollie Cox Bryan,     John DeDakis,     Tracee de Hahn,     Barbara Early,     Marnie Graff,     Grace Greene,     Bradley Harper,    Sherry Harris,     Jenna Harte,     Nancy Herriman,     Aimee Hix,     Maria Hudgins,     Mary Ellen Hughes,     Julie Hyzy,    Roger Johns,     Diane Kelly,     Maggie King,          Alice Loweecey,     Allie Marie,     Mary Miley,     Julie Moffett,     K.L. Murphy,     Nancy Naigle,     Nan O'Berry,     Bill Rapp,     Amy M. Reade, ​Shawn Reilly Simmons,     J.R. Ripley,     Marcia Talley,     LynDee Walker,     and     Heather Weidner. 

Such a great line-up! Who you be one of your must meets?

Take a look at this schedule!

Private VIP Meet & Greet

1-1:50pmInterview with Julie Hyzy
(Conducted by E.A. Aymar, Featured Author)


Author Signings in the Art Galleries


   • WORKSHOP: From Novice to Novelist:
     How To Write a Novel
Presenter: John DeDakis, Featured Author

   • PANEL: Oh! The Places You’ll Go:
​     The Importance of Setting in Mystery
 Authors: Catherine Bruns, Tracee de Hahn, Barbara Early,   
     Marni Graff, Nancy Herriman, Maria Hudgins,
     Mary Ellen Hughes, Nancy Naigle, Amy M. Reade,
     Shawn Reilly Simmons, Marcia Talley


   • WORKSHOP: You Wrote Your Novel, Now What?
     Publishing World Options
     Presenter: Ellen Butler, Featured Author

   • PANEL: So Much For Stereotypes:
     Strong Women in Fiction and Why We Love Them

     Authors: Christy Barritt, Maya Corrigan, Mollie Cox Bryan,
     Sherry Harris, Jenna Harte, Diane Kelly, Maggie King,
     Alice Loweecey, Julie Moffett, J.R. Ripley, LynDee Walker


   • WORKSHOP: Short Stories vs. Novels:
     Pathways to Publication
Presenters: Frances Aylor, Lynn Cahoon (Featured Author),            
Judy Chalkley, Bradley Harper (Featured Author), Kristin 
     Kisska, and  Heather Weidner (Featured Author)

   • PANEL: License to Thrill: Shivery Suspense
     to Keep You Turning the Pages

     Authors: Betsy Ashton, Austin Camacho, Gerrie Ferris Finger,       
Aimee Hix, Roger Johns, Allie Marie, K.L. Murphy,
     Bill Rapp, Lynn Chandler Willis


Keep an eye on the blog for my story and photos from the

Have a great day!


  1. Have a fantastic time, Lisa! It sounds fabulous with so many wonderful authors!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you girls are in for a wonderful time. Excited for you and jealous too cause I know how much fun you will be having today. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net