Friday, December 15, 2017

Hello friends.
I'm on the second part of my Got-to-get-things-done-cause-Christmas-is-coming break.

From December 15 - December 31
I'll be putting up my tree (finally), helping family and friends wrap gifts (I love wrapping!), baking, candy making, and no doubt driving around one of my siblings (or more) on mad dashes of last minute shopping.    


I love my blog! I love all of you! I love doing what I do in the cozy community
So, no worries. I'll also be taking time to catch up on reviews (way far behind), scheduling tours, giveaways, and getting Lisa Ks Book Reviews ready for 2018! 

In the mean time, you'll still see me on Facebook. Did you really think I could stay away from my computer for over two weeks?


Have a fabulous holiday season.
My love to you and your families.
I'll see you January 1!

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