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Every Monday I'm going to spotlight a different series that I have loved or think I would enjoy. 

This week my series spotlight is on
Paige Sleuth

I haven't read any of the Cozy Cat Caper Mysteries
but I think they look absolutely adorable!
Check them out!

Kat Harper has only just returned to her small hometown of Cherry Hills, Washington when she discovers the dead body of her neighbor, Mrs. Tinsdale. Matilda, Mrs. Tinsdale's orphaned rescue cat, just might be the only eyewitness to the murder. But how do you convince a cat to reveal "whodunit"?

Kat Harper doesn't expect her first meeting with the Furry Friends Foster Families nonprofit organization to kick off with the mysterious absence of another member. But it soon becomes clear why Willow Wu is a no-show; she's been arrested for a crime that nobody can believe. Now, with a little help from her cat Matty, Kat has to figure out who is framing Willow and why.

Kat Harper has been looking forward to the Furry Friends Foster Families benefit dinner for weeks, never guessing it would come to a screeching halt when one of the guests ends up poisoned. Now the question she must answer is who would have wanted to murder Heidi Smith? Kat has a few suspects in mind, but before long her cats Matty and Tom are making her question everything about the case.

Kat Harper's mother disappeared from Cherry Hills thirty years ago, but Kat is determined to locate her. The question is where does she even begin to look, and will her cats Matty and Tom be able to help her solve the mystery this time?

What starts off as a foster dog wellness check turns into a nightmare when Kat Harper discovers a dead body. But who would want to murder Eric Halstead? Kat's not sure, but Eric's orphaned tuxedo cat just might lead her to the killer.

Kat Harper isn't the only one with a knack for finding dead bodies. This time she's led to the scene of the crime by her adventurous cat, Matty. And if Kat can't figure out "whodunit" soon, it might just be up to Matty to save her from becoming the killer's next murder victim.

Halloween has arrived in Cherry Hills, Washington—the worst time of the year for a black cat to go missing. But did Midnight sneak out, or was he kidnapped? It's up to Kat Harper to find out what really happened . . . before Midnight falls victim to the wrong person.

Kat Harper wants nothing more than to forget about her disastrous job interview, but that's pretty hard to do when your interviewer turns up murdered. Now her search for a job has turned into a search for a killer. But Kat better watch her back, or she might just need her cats to come to her rescue once more.

Kat Harper expects her biggest Thanksgiving challenge to be coming up with an edible tofu pumpkin pie, but that all changes when a woman is mugged outside her apartment building. Now it's up to Kat and her two cats to figure out who in Cherry Hills would commit such a crime right before the big holiday.

Kat Harper's first day at her new job doesn't go as planned when a runaway cat leads her to a dead body outside of her office building. Things only get worse when Sadie Cramer's death is deemed a homicide, and Kat starts running into plenty of people with motive for murder. But Kat better be careful, or her quest to figure out "whodunit" just might turn her into the killer's next victim.

Cherry Hills resident Kat Harper finds herself embroiled in another murder investigation when a local artist is run down by a car. Between a nearby gallery owner, a brooding rival painter, and the victim's jealous sister, Kat's not sure who had more motive. Will Kat and her justice-seeking felines be able to figure out "whodunit" this time?

Kat Harper's Christmas reunion with her long-lost mother turns out to be nothing like she envisioned. Maybelle Harper has no qualms about flirting with Kat's police detective boyfriend, and she seems more interested in seeing old friends than her daughter. Worse yet, she hates cats. But Kat might have to put her disappointment aside when bigger problems arise—unwelcome gifts have been showing up on her doorstep, and she has no idea who has added her to his Christmas list.

The Furry Friends Foster Families January fundraiser turns fatal when one of the guests ends up murdered. But who would want to kill popular local radio personality John Sykes? Kat Harper doesn't know, but she's running into plenty of people with motive for murder. Now if she could only figure out which one is guilty.

Kat Harper's visit to Jessie's Diner ends abruptly when the man at the next table drops dead. Nobody suspects murder until a wannabe crime reporter and some disturbing evidence convinces them otherwise. Now it's up to Kat to figure out "whodunit" without getting killed herself.


Series: Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Series
Author: Paige Sleuth
Series features:
--Great for mystery-loving cat enthusiasts.
--These are all novella-length books.
--Each book can be read as a stand-alone (although for maximum enjoyment they're best read in order).
--The cover models are Paige Sleuth's real cats!

--There are currently 14 books in the series.

Or link to Paige/Marla's Website:

About Paige

Paige Sleuth is a pseudonym for mystery author Marla Bradeen. She plots murder during the day and fights for mattress space with her two rescue cats at night. When not attending to her cats' demands, she writes. She loves to hear from readers, and welcomes emails at You can also join her readers' group at:
The picture I've been using for Paige Sleuth is available here:


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  1. Thanks, Lisa! How have I missed these? Happy Sunday, to you.

    1. Thank you, Patricia! If you do try the books, I hope you enjoy them. Happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you, Lisa, for spotlighting Paige Sleuth's Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mary! If you do give the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series a shot, I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I would love to read this series! Who could resist those cute covers too? I had seen them in passing and maybe I do have them on a TBR list somewhere on on Amazon. So many books, so little time to read all the ones I want to read!

    1. Thank you, Tari! It's hard to keep up with all the books out there, isn't it? The cats on the covers are my babies, Anna Belle and Molly. They started off as foster cats, but I couldn't resist those little faces either!